Fuel Induction Service – What is it & Will it Help?

throttle body symptomsDid someone recommend you to do a Fuel Induction Service to your car?

But, what is a fuel induction service and will it improve the performance of my car? How efficient is it and is it just a waste of my money?

The Fuel induction service is not very known for most people, and there are a lot of questions about this if it improves the efficiency of your engine or not.

Do not worry, in this article you will learn everything you have to know about the fuel induction service. So Let’s go!

What is a fuel induction service and what does it do?

This service known as fuel induction is nothing but a particular type of service and maintenance procedure for your car’s engine. It’s a process of cleaning the electronic throttle body, air intake valves and the fuel injectors which you can find in electronically fuel injected vehicles and the newer vehicles.

The throttle body and the plate are manually cleaned by the mechanic or technician using a particular throttle cleaning substance.

Here are the benefits of getting the fuel induction service:

  • Improves your car’s gas mileage
  • Smooths your engine’s idle
  • Improves the throttle response

What’s a throttle body?

If you don’t yet know what a throttle body is, it is a mechanism controlled by the car’s computer, responsible for taking in the air and fuel to mix it according to the right proportion and as per the computer’s input. The throttle body consists of a body and a plate which determines how much air inlet in, similar to how the butterfly valve works in carburetors.

The throttle body is directly linking to your acceleration pedal and a sensor known as the TPS or the throttle position sensor which senses the current position of the throttle plate to add air to the mixture accordingly.

The air is adding according to the fuel present in the chamber or according to the real-time reading of your car’s ignition. Considering all this, we can say that along with air, the throttle body handles fuel as well, always as your engine runs.

Why is a fuel induction service performed?

Fuel Induction Service

Now that you know what a throttle body is and how it works, you know that it is related to fuel and air. The purpose of it is solely to manage and control the air-fuel mixture to feed the engine so that your engine runs smoothly. With that said, fuel is continuously burning as you drive.

Sometimes not all the mixture is ignited accurately and completely which then leaves traces of unburnt fuel inside the chamber and throttle. But since the cylinders get hot enough and eventual burn all that gets inside the cylinders, nothing indeed remains inside.

But since the intake valves, the fuel injectors and the throttle is constantly handling and passing on the fuel to the cylinders, and carbon starts to build up over time due to all that fuel.

As the carbon builds up, the throttle then begins to store all the deposit, and this interferes with the accurate fuel delivery and mixture. Why is that a problem? It is because it directly impacts the combustion cycles of the engine and thus affects how your car drives and responds to you giving throttle. Your vehicle may not perform as well as it used to, causing a delay in pick up.

The carbon deposits also impact the idling of the engine, especially with the air conditioner turned on. You may experience that your car vibrates as you press on the gas pedal and your car shivers when stopped.

Pros of a fuel induction service

  • Cleans the throttle body
  • Cleans the intake manifold
  • Cleans the intake valves
  • Cleans other flaps inside the intake manifold if fitted

Signs that you may want to do a fuel induction service?

You know now what the fuel induction service does for your engine, but the question arises. Should you get the service done frequently? While the fuel induction service does benefit your car, this is something that should not be done regularly and only if you encounter problems individually as a result of carbon building up.

Here are a few signs and symptoms you can look for to determine if you should get a fuel induction service done.

  • Your car isn’t able to idle smoothly
  • You feel the vibration as you give gas
  • You feel a delay in engine’s pick up as you press on the gas pedal
  • You experience an extremely low gas mileage
  • The car doesn’t start as quickly as it used to

Only if you begin to experience these factors, you should think about getting a fuel induction service. Also, you should understand that having this service done to your car does not increase the gas mileage to more than what your vehicle usually gives when running correctly.

Only when you experience that your mileage and engine performance has gotten far worse, you will feel a difference after getting the fuel induction service.

What does this service include and how is it performed?

intake valve cleanerThis is something that you may not be able to perform yourself. This procedure involves taking off the air filter and the cover and exposing the throttle body. If you have ample knowledge about engines and you are familiar with the engine components and frequently work on your car yourself, only then you should do the procedure yourself.

Sometimes the throttle body itself is taken out of the engine which is why it is advised to get a mechanic for getting the induction service on your car done.

Throttle body cleaning

The carbon deposits appear as black dust on the surface of the throttle body inside. The mechanic or technician would first remove the throttle body from the engine. A particular compound called the throttle cleaner is used to clean the carbon. This is a liquid substance and comes in spray cans.

If you want to do this procedure yourself, you may need some tools like this intake valve cleaner from Amazon: EWK Vacuum System Fuel Injection or Intake Valve Cleaner and Tester KitFuel Induction Service - What is it & Will it Help?

A sign of warning though, although this cleaner comes in spray cans, it can be directly sprayed into the throttle body, but it should never be sprayed directly into the throttle body because there are various sensors installed directly onto the throttle body and the liquid can seep into them, causing them to stop working.

These sensors are crucial for your throttle body and extremely expensive to replace so never spray the cleaner directly onto the throttle body if you are performing the procedure yourself.

Intake Valves Cleaning

The mechanic will spray the compound onto a piece of cloth or rag and then manually clean the inside of the throttle by hand so that no liquid comes in contact with the sensors. After the throttle body is washed and the plate is done, the mechanic then performs the cleaning of the intake valve.

This is done by spraying the liquid into the intake valves while the engine is running. This feeds the engine this throttle cleaner fluid along with the air which gets into the mixture and gets ignited. This ensures cleaning the carbon deposits inside the intake valve and the fuel injectors where the mechanic cannot reach manually.

The compound breaks up the deposits inside, and the remains are let out via the exhaust.

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5 thoughts on “Fuel Induction Service – What is it & Will it Help?”

  1. Thank you for explaining this process. I recently purchased a 14 Santa Fe Hyundai, I’ve never owned a Hyundai so I’m not sure of the sounds, feel and quirks of the brand. Over the past 3 months I have noticed some odd things with regards to shivering while at a stoplight or slight delay when I accelerate quickly such as when entering onto the freeway, also the engine idles hard. The dealership suggested fuel induction service at my 1st oil change. At first I thought it sounded bogus and some research leans that way but after reading your article I think it’s possible I could need this service. I’m the 3rd owner of the vehicle and although the previous owner has excellent records I think this could be needed. Thanks again!

    • A fuel induction service could absolutely fix your problem. However, in this case, I think it’s smarter to make a proper diagnostics of why the car is running poorly before doing the service. At least read the trouble codes from the engine control unit to see if there are any errors stored.

  2. My 2009 Hyundai Genesis was getting highway mileage 27 mpg. After the dealer talked me jnto induction service that I wasn’t too sure about, the car’s mileage increased to 30.2 mpg on a 1200 mile trip.

    • That’s because you went on a 1200 mile trip which was likely all highway driving which allows you to have better MPG.

  3. My 2015 Sonata has 96,000 km and is well maintained with regular oil changes and service maintenance. The dealer is now indicating that a Fuel Induction service is required immediately. I have not noticed any stubborn acceleration, idling or any other issues normally associated with the need for this type of service. Could they be recommending this service simply because of the high mileage on the vehicle

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