5 Best Diesel Injector Cleaners

best diesel injector cleaners

Having a problem with your engine running rough and it is not as smooth as it used to be? 

Replacing injectors or other fuel parts inside a diesel engine can cost a lot of money and in some situations, you may not have the money to afford it.

What you can do is to try a diesel injector cleaner, because in many cases they can actually help to clean up the fuel parts from the inside and make them functionally again. 

We have tested some injector cleaners to find the best diesel injector cleaner on the market. Here is our review.

If you want to find more information and FAQ about diesel injector cleaners, you can check out our buyers guide at the bottom of the article.

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Best Overall

Lucas Fuel Treatment Diesel Injector Cleaner

Lucas Fuel Treatment Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • All types of engines
  • Increases Fuel Mileage
  • Good Value for the money

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Best Performance

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Injector Cleaner

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Removing Water/Condense
  • Prevent Corrossion

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Best Budget

Royal Purple Max-Tane Diesel Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple Max-Tane Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Both Diesel & Petrol Engines
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 10%
  • Lubricates Internal Engine parts

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The Best Diesel Injector Cleaners in 2021

1. Lucas Fuel Treatment Diesel Injector Cleaner

Lucas Fuel Treatment Diesel Injector Cleaner

The Lucas product is at the top one product on this list. Their products are well known for the unique blends their products use. They make oil cleaning products, transmission cleaning, other injector cleaning liquids, and a lot more. But their blends are very safe and engine friendly so you don’t need to worry about damaging the internal parts when using this product. 

In our opinion, this is the best fuel injector cleaner that you can purchase on the market.

The Lucas Fuel treatment 10013 liquid is amazing at cleaning the fuel, tank corrosion, and cleans the buildup of carbon and deposits on every part of the fuel system like it had never been there.

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Why we like it:

  • Cleaning even lubricating the fuel system
  • Works well with all kinds of engines
  • Increases Power
  • Boosting the Octane rate
  • Increases Fuel Mileage
  • Good Value for the money

Key features:

  • Overall engine performance is increased.
  • Both Diesel and Petrol Engines
  • Increase the engine’s overall life.
  • This liquid can also be used with older cars.
  • Can be used on both carburetor or fuel injected systems.
  • Helps prevent build up in the internal engine parts like the valves, pistons etc
  • Reduces carbon deposits
  • One bottle will do nicely with 400 gallons of fuel.

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2. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Injector Cleaner

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Injector Cleaner

Hot shot’s secret is a good deal to be on the list on number 3. It’s because the diesel extreme is known for thorough cleaning of the engine injectors and other internal parts as well as lubricate them. We have seen great results after using this product and many people who have used this on their diesel engines have been happy with the outcomes. 

Just by checking all the positive reviews on Amazon, it reveals how good this product actually is.

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Why we like it:

  • One bottle can be used with 150 gallons of diesel.
  • Using this product improves horsepower
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Remove Water/Condense
  • Reduced need for DPF regeneration Cycles
  • Prevents corrosion in the fuel line
  • Can be used after every 6 months for good results.

Key features:

  • Protects the engine and fuel system, preventing it from corrosion and thick deposits.
  • Revitalizes fuel pump and lines which improves the flow of fuel
  • Removes Water from the diesel
  • Stabilizes fuel by increasing the cetane level
  • Coating the tank and lines with a corrosion inhibitor
  • Restore Throttle Response
  • Lubrication is achieved while using this which increases engine life.

3. Royal Purple Max-Tane Diesel Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple Max-Tane Diesel Injector Cleaner

Here’s a product that does what it says. The Max Tane. This product is for you If you notice bad mileage or black smoke from your car’s rear. Also, if you face the trouble of starting the car in the cold seasons and fuel not going up to the engine, you’ll need Max Tane to solve all that.

One bottle will be enough to do one tank of fuel which may solve your problems with your diesel engine. When you pour in this liquid in your fuel tank, it blends in, cleaning the corroded area and loosens up the deposits that may be in the corner of the tank.

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Why we like it:

  • High Value for the buck
  • Both Diesel & Petrol Engines
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 10%
  • Lubricates Internal Engine parts
  • Relieves the injector nozzles, pumps, hoses of deposits.

Key features:

  • Fuel economy increased by up to 10%.
  • Improves engine startup
  • Cleans the black smoke coming from the engine
  • Lubricates the fuel system.
  • Protects and prevents fuel system from corrosion and other problems
  • Can be used with fuel other than diesel.
  • Cleans the fuel system and internal engine parts.

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4. Diesel Kleen Diesel Injector Cleaner

Diesel Kleen Diesel Injector Cleaner

Another well-known brand, Diesel Kleen is just what its name implies. It cleans the diesel injectors and ranked as one of the best and popular cleaning brands by many. This product also helps to lubricate internal engine parts which can otherwise not be reached so easily without taking them out. So that’s a hassle taken care of with just a single product serving multiple purposes.

This product is effective at cleaning clogged injectors, and also other internal engine components and it effectively removes deposits and gunk build up inside the engine. It even prevents more build-up from accumulating after cleaning so that frequent use of this product is lessened.

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Why we like it:

  • Increases fuel economy of the engine due to the cleaning of deposits which improves the flow of the engine.
  • Can be used with Bio-Diesel
  • Boosts the engine power by enhancing cetane.
  • Prevents internal components from corroding

Key features:

  • Improves the engine’s cold start.
  • The fuel consumption is claimed to have gotten decreased up to 8%
  • Provides lubrication to the fuel parts like injectors, pump and regulators.
  • Both Diesel & Petrol Compatible
  • Effective on all engines, even modern vehicles can benefit off of it.
  • Improves Combustion

5. Stanadyne Diesel Injector Cleaner

Stanadyne Diesel Injector Cleaner

Stanadyne diesel injector cleaner is a name well known in the vehicle industry. Since made by a major company which also manufactures diesel engine parts and injector parts, it can be safely said that Stanadyne knows exactly about the carbon formations that happens inside the injectors and know how to fight it. If they can build the fuel injectors, they will for sure also be able to know how to create the best additive to clean it.

They have just the right formula which can be added into the fuel and work wonders as the engine runs. In addition to cleaning your car’s engine’s injectors, this liquid will also go about lubricating the internal parts which come in contact.

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Why we like it:

  • Using this liquid timely will improve mileage and simply the output of the engine and overall performance.
  • Increases the lifespan of the engine.
  • Black smoke is ridden and also suppresses sound
  • All Season Additive
  • Only one bottle is enough for one thorough cleaning

Key features:

  • Protects & Lubricates your Fuel system
  • Made by the very company which also manufactures injector parts and other engine parts.
  • Besides cleaning the injectors, the product also lubricates the internal parts within the combustion chamber.
  • Works well in All seasons and temperatures
  • Can be used for 5 to 6 times a year to maintain the highest engine performance.
  • One bottle will do nicely with 25 gallons of diesel fuel.

Diesel Injector Cleaner Information

As you may have noticed, diesel cars have exploded and become really popular all over the world. The reason for this is mostly caused by the better fuel economy and better torque, however, yes, with any good things do always bad things come. The diesel fuel is often pretty dirty and may cause carbon and dirt build ups inside the fuel system. This dirt may then come through the fuel filter and reach the fuel injector nozzles.

In most diesel cars, you have four cylinders and four fuel injectors. Inside the fuel injectors, you will find a small tip which regulates the amount of fuel that is flowing into the cylinder. Over time, there will build up carbon and dirt on these nozzles and cause the fuel injector to leak and flow too much diesel into the cylinder. As you may know already, too much diesel into the cylinder will cause black smoke from the exhaust pipe and this may be the first symptom you will see if your fuel injector nozzles are dirty.

But you should take in mind, these fuel injector cleaners are not only cleaning the fuel injector nozzles. You have a lot of other parts in your diesel fuel system like regulators, pressure and temperature sensors, pumps and all of these components needs a cleaning after a while.

There are now special injector cleaning fluids in the market which can be added to the diesel fuel and that fluid cleans the injectors and other parts as it passes from it with the fuel. These liquids are a lot less expensive than getting your injectors cleaned by a mechanic or replacing any other fuel parts. Also, the process is really automatic. All you need to do is mix a proportion of the liquid according to the amount of fuel or tank size and the rest your car will do itself. You do not have to use these only when there is a problem with your car. You can use these as a maintenance product to always make sure you have a clean fuel system. You may even save money in the long run by improving the fuel economy.

Coming to the fluid part, there are now so many brands which make these injector cleaners designed especially for diesel-powered engines and other diesel turbo engines which helps to thoroughly clean its injectors which helps to clear the way for fuel and recovers the spray pattern as well. But out of so many brands, which one is best for you? We have tested some common diesel fuel injector cleaners and sorted them in a top 5 list. Just check our list and read our review and create your own opinion about which diesel injector cleaner that will work best for you.

Diesel Injector Cleaner FAQs

Which Fuel Injector Cleaner is the best to purchase?

It depends on a lot of different things. What weather conditions you live in and if you have a diesel or fuel car. Lucas fuel treatment is a really great product in our opinion.

How Does the Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?

These injector cleaners are nothing but special liquids made by special chemical blends which are not harmful to your engine components. The liquid works by mixing with your fuel in the tank and then being sucked in by the fuel pump and going forward towards the fuel rail and finally through the injectors into the combustion chambers. During its journey until the injectors, cleaning takes place. The liquid cleans signs of corrosion while in the tank, and cleans through the fuel line for carbon buildup and deposits.

All that is then flowing into the combustion chamber by the injector and finally blowing out from the exhaust pipe. Once cycle thoroughly cleans all the junk that may be residing in your fuel tank. While it passes through the injector nozzles, the nozzles also get cleaned up. That’s where most carbon is present which causes the black smoke, caused by uneven injector flowing. After all that is cleaned, the black smoke should be gone and the fuel flow has improved.

You can think of this liquid as a detox for humans and how it cleans the internal organs of a person. Just like that, the internals of an engine gets cleaned so that the engine may perform at its best.

Do these diesel injector cleaners work for all kind of diesel engines?

Yes, overall these work and clean all kinds of diesel engines. However, it’s always recommended to read the manufacturers instructions and manual of how to use it and on which car you should use it on. It’s not always recommended to run these on too old diesel engines, because they may contain too much dirt and carbon build ups inside the hoses, which you actually want to be stuck there. If there is too much dirt inside the hoses, what happens if you pour in a cleaner? Yes, these small dust parts will come to lose and may fill up your fuel filter, or even pour up the fuel injectors even worse. The best way to use these is to use it as a maintenance liquid and pour it into your tank periodically to always make sure that your fuel system is clean.

Do these injector cleaners really work?

It depends on what you are going to use the fuel injector cleaner for. If you think you can solve serious problems with the diesel injector cleaners you have to think again. These can’t fix any mechanical damages, the thing these fuel injector cleaners do, is to clean the fuel system and the fuel injector nozzles from any dirt or carbon build-ups. These diesel injector cleaners are pretty cheap and it could always be worth a try to pour it into your tank and see what happens. However, if you are trying to fix a mechanical or electric trouble code with these, it will most likely not work very well.

Do these work for petrol/gas engines also?

These diesel fuel injector cleaners are made for diesel engines and it’s not recommended to pour it into your gas tank. Actually, we have not tested this, because it may end up in very expensive repairs and it may also harm your engine. There are special fuel injector cleaners for petrol engines out there on the market and it’s really recommended to use one of these instead of experimenting yourself in your own car.

How do I use these Injector Cleaners?

To use these injector cleaners, the best way is always to read the instruction of the product you purchased. However, the most of these injector cleaners work the same way. Just open the bottle and pour in the diesel injector cleaner into the fuel tank and start it up and drive for a while.

How much you should use is totally depending on the product. There is not always very easy to calculate how much you should mix, as it could be difficult to know how much fuel you have into your tank. The best way to calculate this is to check in your repair manual or call your authorized dealer to know exactly how much litres your fuel tank is when it’s almost empty. By knowing this, the calculation becomes a lot easier and you can just pour out the tank before pouring in the diesel injector cleaner. You can either drive until the tank is almost empty or let a mechanic pour it out for you. Some fuel injector cleaners require that the tank is full instead, and to know this you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Should I Be Concerned about these Additives if my Car is Parked For a Long Period of Time?

It’s recommended to not pour this in your tank if you know that your car will stand parked for a long period of time. What will happen is that this can clean up too much in the fuel tank and may fill up the fuel filter when you are starting your car. However, it’s never a good idea to let a diesel car stand parked for a long period of time with diesel in the tank, depending on where you live. In many countries, we have some kind of biodiesel which do have both good and bad sides. A really bad side with this fuel type is that if you let it stand for a long time, it will start growing inside the tank and create small pieces in the whole fuel system. These pieces may gather into the fuel filter and cause your car to stop. I have even seen cases where you had to replace the whole fuel system because it was sludge everywhere in the system.

So the conclusion of this, you should never let your diesel car stand with diesel or diesel injector cleaner for a long period of time. Make sure that you at least start it up and let it run once in a while our pour out the diesel from the tank before letting it stand parked for a long time.

Should I use these injector cleaner only when my cars run bad, or use it at any time to prevent damage?

A common problem a lot of people have is to not maintain their cars if there is nothing noticeable fault on the car. This may result in expensive repair costs and it would have been much cheaper if they maintain it from the beginning. The thing is the same with these diesel fuel injector cleaners, they can’t repair any mechanical problems inside your fuel system. The best way is to use these fuel injectors once in a while to keep the fuel system cleaned at all the time because dirt can cause permanently damaged to your fuel system.

If you are trying to use these fuel injector cleaners because your car is already broken or running very rough, it may already be too late. You should probably have started to use these injector cleaners once in a while longer before. However, these injector cleaners are pretty cheap and it could be worth a try even for serious problems with your fuel car.


There are a lot of things to remember from this article, so we made a small summary of the most common parts to remember when it comes to fuel injector cleaners. These things are:

  • These diesel injector cleaners will not repair your mechanical problems.
  • Use these once in a while to make sure that your fuel injector system is always clean.
  • There are other special fuel injector cleaners for petrol/gas engines.
  • Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the injector cleaner.

Have you used any of these diesel fuel injector cleaners and want to leave your own review of it? Leave a comment below and tell us if the liquid worked for you or if you have tried another even better fuel injector cleaner!


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