Due to the fact that we receive hundreds of emails with questions and requests every day, it is very difficult for us to keep up and answer them all, although we do our best. That’s why we created this FAQ page where we will answer some of the most common questions and queries from our readers and supporters.

Who Owns Mechanic Base?

Mechanic Base is owned by Magnus, who is also the founder and main author of this blog. Magnus has many years of expertise in automotive repair, specializes in advanced car diagnostics, and ensures that the content on this website gives you accurate information. You can read more about him here on our about page.

What Is The Goal of Mechanic Base?

The goal of Mechanic Base is to provide our readers with free automotive expertise and guide you through your automotive problems, and help you make smart decisions when it comes to cars. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information, as there is a lot of bad vehicle advice out there on the web.

Who Writes The Articles On Mechanic Base?

Our articles are written by four automotive experts specializing in different fields. Our writers are Magnus, Brian, Bojan, and Adam. You can find more specific information about each author by clicking on the names to go to the next page.

Do You Provide Private Guidance or Help?

No, although we would love to support our readers with private repair advice through email support, it is almost impossible due to the amount of questions we receive every day. But if you need help, you can talk to a specialist mechanic through our partner.

What Types Of Topics Are Covered On Your Website?

We cover all kinds of automotive topics here at Mechanic Base, although our main focus is on automotive repair guides, as that’s where our expertise is best. But we also have great expertise in other car-related areas, and we provide car tips, maintenance tips, parts reviews, and other types of car guides.

How often is the blog updated with new content?

We aim to publish new content every week, but sometimes making good content takes time, so the intervals between new pieces vary a lot. Some months, we will publish new articles every day, while others, there may be some delay between each article.

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?

Yes, you can sign up for our newsletter on this page. Through our newsletter, we provide additional free car tips and update you when a new piece of great content is published. We will also provide you with automotive tool reviews and sometimes give free coupons and other benefits.

Are there any video tutorials or demonstrations available on this blog?

We have a Youtube channel where you can find free car repair videos made by our content writer and video maker Bojan. We also embed these videos in related articles on our blog. If you are interested in free video tutorials, go check out our channel, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Is the information on this blog trustworthy and accurate?

Yes, our articles are written by experts with years of automotive expertise. Our articles are then fact-checked by an additional expert to ensure that the quality is as good as possible. You can read more about our expertise on our About page.

How Does Mechanic Base Make Money?

Mechanic Base provides you with free auto repair guides, so we make money through ads that appear on our pages. We also have affiliate partners, where we can earn a small commission if you go through our website and buy a product on their website. If the article contains an affiliate link, we will clearly state it at the beginning of the article.

How can I search for specific automotive repair topics on this blog?

You can search for specific automotive repair topics by using the search bar at the bottom of each page, or by tapping the search icon in the top bar. If you have difficulty finding what you are looking for, you can try searching with shorter search queries and similar topics.

Can I Request Topics Or Suggest Ideas For Future Articles?

You can request topics or suggest ideas for articles or videos you would like us to make via our contact page. Although we look at all proposals, there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide you with the suggestion in the near future, due to the amount of requests we receive.

Can I Contact The Blog’s Author Or Editorial Team With Questions Or Feedback?

You can use our contact form, or write to us at [email protected] or [email protected] with your questions or feedback and we will try to guide you to give a solution to your concern as soon as possible.

Do You Have Any Membership Options For Exclusive Content Or Benefits?

No, we currently do not have any type of membership option or subscription service to receive exclusive content or other benefits. But, you can sign up for our newsletter to get updated with free car repair tips and get other benefits delivered to your email. However, it is not impossible that we will provide it in the future, so keep your eyes open and check back on our website!

Do You Have Social Media Channels Where I Can Follow You?

Yes, you can find us on most major social media channels. You can find us by clicking on the buttons below:

We hope these questions answer your question, but if you have any further questions, please contact us via our contact page.