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P0014 Code – Meaning, Causes & Symptoms

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If you have a code reader device at home, you can diagnose a wide range of problems with your vehicle.

Since there are so many different codes, it is pretty much impossible to memorize what each one means.

The P0014 OBD-II generic code directly relates to a wrong timing of the exhaust camshaft, which controls the valves that release carbon emissions out from the engine

Causes of the P0014 Trouble Code

You might get a P0014 trouble code if your engine control unit cannot properly control the camshaft as it is designed to. It occurs as a result of the camshaft over advancing or inadequate timing of the camshaft. Therefore it might be a risk of a faulty timing chain or timing belt.

It is also possible to get this error code if the oil passes become clogged, which leads to restricted flow to the phasers within the camshaft. Sometimes the problem is simply that the phaser is stuck in the advanced position and needs to be fixed.

All of this basically means that the timing of the camshaft is off to some extent. The timing has to be just right for this part (and your vehicle) to function properly.

timing belt

Symptoms of the P0014 Trouble Code

There are a variety of symptoms that you might experience if your car is experiencing these issues with the camshaft.

The more knowledgeable you are about these symptoms, the easier it will be to catch this problem early on. The longer you go without dealing with this problem, the more damage will be done to your vehicle.

1. Check Engine Light

It is very common for vehicles that bring up this particular error code to display the check engine light. This is never something that you want to ignore. If this light on your dash ever comes on, you should get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible.

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2. Difficulty Starting up Car

A hard starting engine is another fairly common symptom of a problem with the camshaft. You might notice that your car takes a while to start up if it does so at all. There is usually a clicking noise when you turn the key in the ignition to start it up.

3. Reduced Fuel Mileage

If you notice that your fuel mileage is not quite where it should be, you might want to check it for this trouble code. You will see a drastically reduced mileage within a fairly short period of time.

4. Engine Not Running Smoothly

There is a chance that you could have problems with this trouble code if your engine has suddenly started running rough. This can come in the form of jerking vibrations or loud banging noises while driving.

camshaft timing

Diagnosing a P0014 Trouble Code

The fastest method for diagnosing a P0014 trouble code is by using a special device that reads vehicle error codes. A mechanic can also look at the wiring and valves for any issues. Sometimes it is possible to spot these kinds of problems just by looking at certain parts over.

A very common cause for this trouble code is actually a faulty timing chain or timing belt. You do often need special tools to properly diagnose if the timing is wrong. You may also need an in-depth inspection of your timing chain or belt.

The mechanic will also keep an eye on timing data for the camshaft to make sure that everything is working properly. If there is no change, it is most likely an issue with the wiring. It typically doesn’t take very long for a skilled and knowledgeable professional to identify the precise cause of this trouble code.

If you are trying to diagnose this code yourself, you should make a point of checking to make sure that all electrical connectors are situated properly with no corrosion and that your engine oil level is correct

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Is a P0014 Trouble Code Serious?

Depending on the exact cause of this trouble code, it could be quite serious. You may notice that your engine doesn’t run or start properly.

If the timing chain or belt is faulty, it can cause serious damages to your engine if you do not fix the problem fast.

You should avoid driving for long consecutive periods until you get the problem fixed. The longer you keep driving your vehicle, the worse it is going to get. You will only end up spending more money on repairs or replacements, so you shouldn’t delay.

Failing to get this error remedied could prevent you from passing your annual emissions test. If you live in a state where these tests are required, you’ll have to get it fixed before you can renew your registration.


There are a number of different repairs that can be done to correct a P0014 trouble code. This includes resetting the fault codes, which is fairly simple and cheap. You could also need to get your oil and filter replaced, which can be done at any oil change place.

Sometimes it is necessary to get the camshaft oil control valve replaced if it’s located easily. There is also a possibility that it is an issue with the phasers. If this is the case, you might be able to just get them repaired. It all depends on what condition these components are in.

The P0014 trouble code indicates a moderately serious problem that you will need to get resolved quickly.

Continuing to drive despite getting this code from your device is not a good idea and will lead to further mechanical issues. The cost of getting it fixed will depend on the exact nature of the problem. You might only spend a few dollars or well over $2000.

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