The Key Differences Between Crew Cab and Double Cab

crew cab vs double cab

If you are thinking about getting behind the wheel of a truck, you have a lot of decisions to make. Do you want a gas-powered, diesel or electric truck? Do you know what truck bed size you want? How about the cab configuration – have you considered the differences between the Crew Cab vs. Double Cab designs?

In our guide, we cover all of the top differences between the two cab styles. We also show you what four cab sizes are available with today’s trucks and we help you figure out which one might be best for your needs. At the end of our article, your top cab style questions are answered. 

Crew Cab vs. Double Cab: What are the Differences?

The biggest difference between the crew cab vs. double cab is the interior dimensions, but so is the door configuration. Additionally, the cab style can affect the performance and what bed sizes are available. Finally, you are looking at a minimal difference in price between the two. 

Here is more detailed information on the differences between the Crew Cab and Double Cab:

1. Interior Dimensions

pickup truck rear interior

The biggest difference between the two truck types is the interior dimensions. Double Cabs are also called Extended Cabs, but they are smaller inside than the Crew Cab. 

As an example, let’s look at the interior dimensions of a Chevy Silverado. Here’s what you find with a 2020 Double Cab truck. 

  • 2nd-row headroom: 39.88 inches
  • 2nd-row legroom: 35.24 inches

Here are the dimensions of a Crew Cab model.

  • 2nd-row headroom: 40.12 inches
  • 2nd-row legroom: 43.40 inches

With that said, the front headroom and legroom remain the same among both truck configurations. 

2. Door Configuration

The other big difference is how the doors are set up. Both trucks technically come with a four-door design, but one looks starkly different than the other.

The Crew Cab model will have four full-size doors, so rear passengers can get into the truck without opening other doors. On the other hand, the Double Cab may have rear doors that require the front doors to be opened first. The handle may be hidden inside, but not always. It can also have four normal doors, but the rear doors will be much smaller than on the Crew cab.

Additionally, they aren’t always full-size. Otherwise, there are some Extended Cab trucks with a two-door design that leads into a larger cabin than the Regular Cab. 

3. Performance

Typically, you aren’t going to notice any performance difference between the two trucks. Most manufacturers offer the same powertrain options between the Double and Crew Cab configurations.

You should be able to choose from a multitude of gas- and diesel-powered motors, depending on what’s available with that model. For this reason, most people choose the configuration before deciding on the powertrain. 

4. Bed Size

Pickup truck bed

What manufacturers will dictate based on the cab configuration is the truck bed that goes with it. The longer the cab, the less likely you are to get a big truck bed to match. 

Because the truck still needs to be maneuverable, you can’t normally get big on both fronts. Either you will have a larger cabin and a smaller bed or vice versa. 

5. Price 

In general, the Crew Cab costs more than the Double Cab when comparing everything else apples-to-apples. If you want the same powertrain, features and style, the Crew Cab will cost you minimally more money.

With that said, it’s also going to have a higher resale value. When you go to sell your truck, you can get more for it with a Crew Cab configuration. 

4 Truck Cab Styles

1. Regular Cab

The Regular Cab truck contains a two-door design that usually has one row of seats. Because the cab is smaller, the truck can normally accommodate the largest bed size from the manufacturer. That’s why they are a good option for anyone using the truck to work. 

Here is what some of the top manufacturers call their Regular Cab trucks.

  • Chevrolet: Regular Cab
  • Ford: Regular Cab
  • GMC: Regular Cab
  • RAM: Classic/Regular Cab
  • Nissan: Single Cab
  • Toyota: Regular Cab

Most major manufacturers offer a single cab design in their lineup. However, these are becoming less popular over time. 

2. Extended Cab

The Extended Cab can have a two- or four-door design. Still, there will be some sort of back row, although it could be smaller than what’s found in a Crew Cab truck. 

Here is what some of the top manufacturers call their Extended Cab trucks.

  • Chevrolet: Double Cab
  • Ford: SuperCab
  • GMC: Double Cab
  • RAM: Quad Cab
  • Nissan: King Cab
  • Toyota: Access Cab

With these trucks, you normally have the option to choose a larger or smaller truck bed size. For this reason, the Extended Cab can offer a nice balance between interior comfort and practicality. 

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3. Crew Cab

This is a truck that features four full-size doors. They offer the largest cabin in the standard truck configuration. Most of the trucks provide seating for up to six in these cabins.

Here is what some of the top manufacturers call their Crew Cab trucks.

  • Chevrolet: Crew Cab
  • Ford: SuperCrew
  • GMC: Crew Cab
  • RAM: Crew Cab
  • Nissan: Crew Cab
  • Toyota: Double Cab

Because the cabin takes up more space, it’s difficult to find larger truck beds with these options. You must sacrifice cargo carrying capacity to increase the second-row accommodations. 

4. Extended Crew Cab

Most people don’t know that there’s another size for the standard Crew Cab truck. Some manufacturers now offer something a little larger than your regular four-door truck. If you want a little extra room to stretch out, you might prefer these options.

Here is what some of the top manufacturers call their Extended Crew Cab trucks.

  • RAM: Mega Cab
  • Toyota: CrewMax

However, you aren’t going to get the biggest bed size with any of these. Still, if comfort is a top priority, it could be worth paying more for these models. 

Which is Best for You? Crew Cab or Double Cab

Picking the right truck cab depends solely on what your needs are. For example, the Regular or Single Cab design is going to be best for drivers that need a work truck with the biggest bed length possible. For these drivers, interior comfort and features aren’t high on the priority list. 

On the flip side, the Crew Cab truck is ideal for anyone that wants to offer superior comfort to passengers who might be along for the ride. The interior is going to be spacious and it’s easy to get all of the features you desire. However, the bed length will be smaller, so cargo space is compromised.

In the middle of these two options is a nice balance with the Extended or Double Cab truck. It offers more passenger space than the Regular Cab but can also be equipped with a longer truck bed because it’s not a full-size cabin. 

Is My Truck a Quad or Crew Cab?

You can tell what type of truck you have by looking at the doors. With a Crew Cab, you will have four full-size doors. On the other hand, the Quad or Extended Cab truck can have two doors or a four-door design with hidden handles on the rear doors. To open the back doors, you may need to first enter the front. 

Is My Truck a Crew Cab or Extended Cab?

The Crew Cab truck has two rows of seats with full-size rear doors. You may be able to hold up to six people in the truck. The Extended Cab may or may not have rear doors, but if it does, they may have handles on the inside of the truck only. 

How Do I Know What Kind of Cab My Truck Is?

You can look at the paperwork to see what model you have. If that doesn’t make it clear, you can look at the design. The Regular Cab truck has two doors and a front row only. The Extended Cab or Double Cab could have rear doors and a cramped back seat. In comparison, the Crew Cab provides four full-size doors and a roomy back row. 

What are the Different Types of Cabs on a Truck?

Depending on the manufacturer, truck cabs come with varied names. However, the four main types of truck cabs include the Regular Cab, the Extended Cab, the Crew Cab and the Extended Crew Cab. Each of these has a slightly larger interior than the model listed before it but will also come with a shorter bed. 

Are Crew Cab and Double Cab Seats the Same?

In a Crew Cab and Double Cab truck comparison, you will find that both offer a back seat. The difference is that there is slightly more space in the Crew Cab than in the Double Cab. While this allows for a little more room to stretch out in the back, it could mean opting for a smaller truck bed to carry your cargo. 

Why are Crew Cab Trucks So Popular?

There’s no question that the Crew Cab trucks are the most popular on the road today. Drivers prefer the spacious back seat offered with these trucks and aren’t worried about giving up a little truck bed space to accommodate loved ones. Plus, these trucks can be equipped with every luxury feature for a more enjoyable ride. 

Now that you’ve examined the differences between the Crew Cab vs. Double Cab trucks, you should have a better idea about which model would be better for your needs. If you want to give your passengers a roomy experience, the Crew Cab may be your ideal choice.

However, if you need a balance between comfort and practicality, the Double Cab might be more your speed. Plus, you could save a little money going with the smaller cab, which is always helpful.

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