EPC Light – Meaning, Causes & Solutions

epc light

You are driving your car and suddenly your EPC light is displaying (Often together with the Engine light) on the dashboard.

Will it damage my engine? Is it dangerous to drive with? How much will it cost to repair my car? We are getting a lot of questions about the EPC light from our customers.

In this article, you will learn what the EPC light is and how to fix it and how much it would cost.

What does the EPC Light mean?

The EPC Light indicates that there is a problem in the Electronic Power Control(EPC) System. This problem is often related to your throttle body system but it could also be a problem with your brake(ABS) system. The light is often showing up together with the Engine, ABS or ESP Light depending on where the problem is located.

The Electronic Power Control system is included with the engine control unit, brake control unit, transmission control unit and the steering control unit. The EPC Light is most likely showing up in your VAG car like Audi, Volkswagen(VW), Skoda or Seat because they are the manufacturer that have the EPC system. The EPC Light can be found in other cars if they are using Volkswagens EPC system.

What are the possible causes of an EPC Light?

Because the EPC Light is working together in a lot of different systems in your car, it is hard to guess where the problem is. The EPC light is often showing up with other warning lights and the other warning lights may give you a sign of where the problem is located.

The EPC Light can often cause your car to go into “Limp mode“. Limp mode is a state where your engine functions are limited, such as limited RPM,  low power etc. If you want to learn more about the Limp mode you can check out this article: Limp Mode.

Common Causes of the EPC Light

  • Throttle body failure
  • A Bad Engine Sensor
  • Engine problem
  • Bad ABS Sensor
  • Bad ABS Ring
  • Bad ABS Sensor Wiring
  • Failed Brake pedal switch
  • A failed Brake pressure sensor(Inside ABS Module)
  • Power Steering Failure
  • Steering Wheel Sensor
  • Wiring issues

To get the exact fault and a proper answer of how to fix your EPC light, You have to read the trouble codes from your car. When the EPC Light is on, it means that there are one or several trouble codes stored in one of your control units. You have to start with checking the engine control unit, ABS control unit, steering control unit and transmission control unit.

To read the trouble codes, you need an OBD2 scanner. You could either drive to a mechanic workshop and let them read your trouble codes, or you could to it at home with your own OBD2 scanner. The OBD2 scanners do not often cost a lot and if you are interested in getting one you can check it out here: OBD2 scan tools review. The most cheaper diagnostic scanners can only read the engine control unit. Because this problem could appear in several control units, it’s recommended to either get a more advanced scanner or let a workshop read the codes from the other control units.

If you have checked the trouble code memory and got a trouble code but do not know how to fix it, you are welcome to post the trouble code on our homepage and we will answer your question. You can also check our OBD2 code list to see if you could find any information about the code there.

Is it dangerous to drive with the EPC Light on?

You should always fix your EPC Light as soon as possible. When the EPC Light is on, it means that there could be several limited functions with your car. Because the EPC Light is integrated with the steering and the brake system, it could not only cause engine damages, it can also cause serious accidents because of limited brake or steering functions.

When the EPC Light appears on your dashboard, you should drive the closest way to a mechanic workshop to take a look at it as soon as possible. The EPC Light is often limiting your cars engine power and other functions to drive slowly to the closest mechanic workshop without issues.

In the most cases, the EPC Light won’t cause damages to your car if you are driving with it, but because it is limiting functions like the ABS and EPC systems, it is not recommended.


  • The EPC Light indicates that there is a problem with the Electric Power Control(EPC) system.
  • You should always visit a workshop as soon as possible and not just ignore the problem when the light occurs.
  • The EPC Light is integrated with a lot of other control systems in your car.
  • It may cause loss of the ABS and EPS System and cause accidents if not fixed as soon as possible.
  • To fix an EPC light problem, you should always connect an OBD2 scanner and check the trouble codes that are stored in the system.
  • The Electric Power control system is made by VAG and the EPC light is not integrated with other manufacturers cars. (Only if the car is using VAG’s system).

If you have any other questions that you want answers for about the EPC Light or want us to know how you fixed your problem, comment down below. If you have any other automotive related questions you are welcome to ask them at our homepage.

If you want to find more dashboard signs, you can check out the article Dashboard Warning Lights.

17 thoughts on “EPC Light – Meaning, Causes & Solutions”

  1. I have an 03 1.8t passat and wouldnt start and my EPC light is on. Only codes are PO411 and PO420. Could a clogged cat or bad o2 sensors cause this. No start but cranks

    • Yes that’s right, a clogged catalytic converter could cause both the P0411 and the P0420 code. Try to start it without the catalytic converter fitted 🙂

      • Hello my engine light was on and off for a couple months.One day whilw driving it just cut off and the Epc lught came on and now it won’t start. Us my engine gone?

  2. Hi

    I have 2009 Audi A3 1.8T. It has EPC light as well as “do not exceed 4000 rpm”.
    What could be the problem?

      • Had an EPC and check engine light show up and it shut my engine off. Had to coast it off the freeway and call for a tow. Brought it into VW dealer and they told me it’s a cam and crankshaft sensor problem. They say it’s fixed but, the EPC and check engine light comes on before I start the car. Shouldn’t it not show up at all after being fixed?


  4. Hi, I’m struggling to fix EPC & EML. So far have read few blogs, changed brake switch and serviced throttle body sensor with WD40. No change. However to start with a headlight bulb was missing, when I put a new one, both lights gone. Driven about 5 miles and lights came again. And yes, codes via Scannner were
    This is polo 1.4 petrol.

  5. Hello my name is Denzel and I have a 2001 Vw Passat 1.8t 5 speed manual my epic light only comes on when I give it full throttle car starts every time and can drive it with no issues until I floor it, I switch electronic throttle pedal still doing same thing anyway you can narrow down what it might be. Thanks.

  6. Hi, I have an Audi Q5, my question is if the EPC light only appears when the engine is turned on? or it also appears only with placing the car in ON mode.

  7. My Audi A3 2003 epc light comes on and the car stalls but only low revs when stopping or reversing
    After half an hour it starts again fine
    I had cam belt sensor changed but it’s still doing it
    My garage said it could be a relay doing it but can’t remember which one he said

  8. Hi I drive a seat Leon and EPC light is just come in. Please advise what the cause maybe. Can I still drive?

  9. Hi mine is Audi a5 2.0 Tfsi quattro black edition coupe
    Epc light came on twice in last month. It comes on its own no other lights apear on the dashboard. When i stop and turn engine of and on again it dissapears and never comes back again. Then again it appeared few weeks after on its own, done same thing (engine off and on) and it again gone and drives fine. Is it just the sensor that is playing up then? Cause ive read you article and you’ve mention that it comes with other lights when its a problem. Thanks for the help in advance. Ive bought a car last month, worried as hell atm as have no clue if its major or just sensor lol.

    • This is happening to my 2014 TSFI A3. EPC light only, car still drives great, only thing I’ve noticed is the auto engine off (when car is sitting at lights or a corner) has turned off. Hopefully not a massive issue. Car people tell me to get it checked out in case

  10. I have an o3 deasul engine mecedes Benz and EPC light came on and being a deasul engine no mechanic has been able to direct its fault although onex it come on and I stop a while and start it could take me to a very reasonable distance with a very slow speed my worry is no mechanic understand deasul engine in the state I am in Port Harcourt Nigeria so most times I do the fixing my self pls help

  11. Audi Quattro 225hp epic light comes on after about 30 mins of driving check engine light is on and anti lock break light on those 2 lights are always on and the traction control light never caused problem before only have limited power now that EPC light come on

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