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What does the VSC light in my Toyota or Lexus Mean?

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The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is installed in many Toyota & Lexus cars, and its job is to stabilize your car if it starts to slide in harsh climatic conditions.

When the VSC system realizes that the car is losing traction, it will automatically remove engine power for certain wheels to correct your vehicle.

The VSC has been responsible for reducing road accidents during rainy, foggy, and snowy weather conditions.

Therefore, it is vital to check the VSC system on your Toyota or Lexus whenever it starts to malfunction.

What does the VSC Light mean?

Toyota Vsc System

When the VSC Light appears on your dashboard, it means that there is an issue with your traction control system, and your VSC and ABS system will temporarily be out of function.

The VSC stands for vehicle stability control and is Toyota and Lexus way of handling the traction control. Traction control helps you keep traction by reducing the power sent to your wheels.

The VSC works together with the ABS. If you drive under blizzard conditions, the snow can interfere with the ABS sensors, prompting the check VSC system light to turn on.

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If you see the “VSC OFF” sign on your dashboard, it means that the traction control is shut off completely and the traction control will not work in case you loose traction.

If you have a newer car you can also see the “Check VSC system Light” message on your dashboard instead of the VSC lght.

What causes the VSC light?

Tcs Off

Because the VSC system is integrated with the engine control and the brake control system to control your car’s traction, there are also a lot of things that can fail.

The most common causes of a VSC light are faulty accelerator pedal, faulty throttle body, faulty ABS sensors, or a faulty mass airflow sensor.

The easiest way to find what caused your VSC light is to read the trouble code memory with a diagnostic scanner.

Which models are affected?

Toyota Camry

The VSC system is Toyotas own traction system, however, you will also find it in a lot of Lexus cars. Here are some models with a VSC System:

  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Avensis
  • Toyota Verso
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Lexus RX400H
  • Lexus is250
  • Lexus is220d

How to reset the VSC light?

Traction Control Off

There is an easy fix to try resetting the VSC light. Maybe it was just an intermittent problem causing the VSC light to come on. To reset your VSC light, you should try the following:

  1. Stop your car and put the gear in Park.
  2. Locate the VSC button. It is often located near the gear stick, but it can also be located at your steering wheel or behind it, depending on your car model.
  3. Press and hold the VSC button for some seconds.
  4. You will now see that the TRAC OFF and VSC OFF indicator lights will come on. Both the traction and VSC system is now off.
  5. Press the VSC button again for a second. Both the TRAC and VSC lights will turn off, and the systems are now reengaged.
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If this does not work, you need to check the trouble codes and making a real troubleshooting to find the problem. Take your car to a workshop if you do not have the knowledge to do it yourself.

How does the VSC system work?

The VSC is the car’s internal traction control system. Whenever you drive through slippery roads and lose traction, the system roars to life-giving you better steering ability. Each car’s wheels will have electronic sensors that communicate with the car’s Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

When the driver experiences steering control problems, the VSC automatically reduces engine speed while giving braking power to the wheels that need it the most.

The wheel sensors relay information about the horizontal and vertical motion of the wheels. Whenever you notice the check VSC system light coming on, you could be having problems with your sensors or the steering rack.

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15 thoughts on “ What does the VSC light in my Toyota or Lexus Mean? ”

    1. I have a 2007 Lexus LS460 and the VSC light just appeared with the check engine light and a hazard light. Is it safe to continue to drive the vehicle and will the vehicle break down if I don’t make it to the dealer soon?

  1. Hi, I bough a Toyota Verso (2013) recently and after several days CHECK VSC SYSTEM turned on together with ABS. In service they replaced me EGR VALVE (424820110E), but after 250 miles driving VSC SYSTEM and ABS again turned on. In service they replaced the valve again, but the problem again appeared after 80 miles. My friend did a scanning clearing the signal, but after 25 miles again the lights turned on. What could be the problem? Any idea? Any advice?
    Many thanks,

  2. i have 2006 Toyota highlander and it has started giving me alarm on ….check your VSC system
    what do i do

    1. I’ve Toyota corolla verso 2010

      Engine light come on

      Check vsc system on
      I removed battery cable light turned off but next day light comes on again

  3. Hi There,

    I have a 2006 Lexus IS 250 SE-L Auto.

    I have had a new stainless steel exhaust fitted and the wheels refurbished.

    I was travelling back from the garage in Slough, where i had the work done, to Farnham.

    I was almost home when the VSC light, skidding car light & engine light came on.

    I carefully drove back but the engine didn’t go into limp mode or anything, in fact, the engine sounded fine!

    Have i caused somthing to fail?

    Surely it would have happened straight away when i left the garage, not when i was nearly home!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you in adavance.

    With Regards,

    Rob Adam.

    1. Hi Robert. I have the same issue with the same car. Did you find any solutions?
      It comes sometimes, not everytime. When I hit the brakes sometimes it pop ups CHECK VSC, But the engine sound great like you said.
      Please reply

      Thank you // Ardalan

  4. I have lexus 430 gs 2001 after braking and turning left slowly get loud clicking sound from abs unit turned vsc off and there is no clicking turn it on clicking again really loud please help could it be wheel sensor

  5. I’ve Toyota corolla verso 2010
    The starter does not start well
    The car reflects check vsc system on
    What must I do?

  6. I have highlander 2007 and the VSC light and traction is on. Please must I get a new sensors. If I don’t change it any side effect.

  7. VSC Light, Check Engine glowing 2004 Lexus RX330; engine won’t start (key at ACC position): My solution was to replace the car battery which had suddenly died. The ABS and Brake lights also lit up when I tried to crank it, but got not even a click.
    The store checked and confirmed I needed a replacement battery which fixed this problem. When I installed the new one the horn blasted, but it stopped after I disconnected the negative cable and retried the connection.

  8. I changed front brakes on my Lexus 2006 400h and now my vsc light is on and my abs light is on and some other lights are on

  9. I have Lexus 330 2007 model the vsc light is showing and check engine please what do I do …

  10. Hi!

    I have a problem with my lexus is 250 2006. Check VSC pops up sometimes, not everytime.. I have run a trebleshoot to the car and the code says : C1 249. Open Circuit In Stop Light Switch Circuit.
    I have open and took out the tail lights and checked the wires and it dont seems to cause anything..
    But it will come sometimes.. not everytime.. But it comes sometimes when Im braking.
    Please if you find some solutions or info, please reply me. Thank you

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