P0562 Code: What It Means and How To Fix It

P0562 - System Voltage Low

P0562 Code

When the Check Engine Light comes on, it can be disheartening. If you scan the system and get a P0562 code, you want to figure out what the cause is, so you can fix it promptly. 

In this guide, I evaluate some of the top causes of the P0562 trouble code. I will also show you what solutions might fix it. 

Code P0562 Definition

P0562 – System Voltage Low

What Does the P0562 Code Mean?

The P0562 code indicates that the system voltage is low, and it is an error set by the powertrain computer. When the system sees that the voltage is too low, the code is set. This occurs when the voltage reaches less than 10 volts for more than sixty seconds with the engine running.

For the vehicle and all of the electrical systems to run properly, there must be enough power. With the engine, the battery can run a few things that can be turned on. However, once the engine is running, the alternator is in charge of supplying this power. It must maintain an appropriate amount of voltage – typically between 13.5 and 15 volts. 

When this number drops, the PCM detects the change. What you are left with are a Check Engine Light and P0562 trouble code. 

P0562 Trouble Code Symptoms

The most common sign of a P0562 code is a Check Engine Light, although the Battery Light could also come on. 

Here are the top symptoms you might notice with this fault.

Causes of the P0562 Code

The most common cause is a faulty alternator that can’t provide the proper amount of voltage. However, there are some other possible issues. Here are the top faults to consider.

How Serious is the P0562 Code?

Medium – You may not think the P0562 is a serious code, especially if you aren’t noticing any major symptoms. However, it’s important to fix the problem right away because the issues could lead to an accident.

If the vehicle were to stall suddenly in heavy traffic, you could cause issues. This situation could easily occur if the voltage were to drop too low. Plus, it could prevent the vehicle from restarting, leaving you stranded. 

What Repairs Can Fix the P0562 Code?

It’s important that you perform a complete diagnosis of the system before replacing any parts. Otherwise, you could replace something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

Here are a few possible fixes:

  • Replace alternator
  • Replace voltage regulator
  • Repair/replace damaged wiring
  • Replace fuse
  • Update/replace PCM

Common P0562 Diagnosis Mistakes

If you aren’t careful, you could easily mistake the problem for a bad battery or starter. This is especially true if you are having trouble starting the vehicle.

Before you replace the battery or starter, you should perform a complete diagnosis. It only takes a few minutes to guarantee you aren’t replacing good parts and wasting your money. 

Recommended Tools for Diagnosis

How to Diagnose the P0562 Trouble Code

These are the steps that a professional mechanic would take to pinpoint the P0562 trouble code.

Start by checking the car’s charging system. Turn on the vehicle and run the headlights. It’s also wise to turn on the blower fan to its top speed. 

With your Digital Volt Ohm Meter, you want to read the battery voltage. A good reading would be between 13.2 and 14.7 volts. If you read lower than 12 volts or something larger than 15 volts, the charging system is to blame. 

You can have your alternator, car battery and starter tested at most local auto parts stores if you aren’t sure where the problem is.

If the charging is normal and the code continues, find the PCM. Inspect the wiring and connectors. If you notice melted parts, corroded terminals or any defect, you want to fix it. You can clean it with electrical contact solution and a bristle brush. Use electrical grease on the connection points.

Check the voltage to the PCM if the problem continues. It’s possible that you need to update or replace the PCM if everything else looks okay.

Estimated Cost of Repair

Here are the costs of several of the most common issues for the P0562 trouble code.

  • Replace alternator – $300-$650
  • Replace voltage regulator – $300-$425
  • Repair/replace damaged wiring – $5-$500
  • Replace fuse – $5-$25
  • Update/replace PCM – $500-$2,500

Mechanics Tips about the P0562 Code

When you attempt to diagnose the P0562 code, make a note of any other codes registered. It also helps to analyze the freeze frame data. Examine the voltage coming from the Alternator B+ terminal and watch for any voltage drops to occur between the ground terminals and battery power. 

It’s also helpful to look at the charging system’s requested voltage compared to the actual voltage numbers. If you are having trouble seeing anything, examine the difference at various RPMs, throttle positions and engine load.

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