P0410 Code – Meaning, Symptoms, Causes (& How to Fix it)

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Definition: P0410 – Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction

What Does the P0410 Code Mean?

Code P0410 indicates that a problem has occurred with the secondary air injection system and is caused by either a mechanical or electrical fault.

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Trouble code P0410 is normally triggered if the vehicle’s emission system is faulty or the air pump is damaged. The main task of the air pump is to feed air into the exhaust system to reduce the emission level. The air pump draws in air from outside and pumps it through the one-way check valve to the individual banks in the exhaust system.

P0410 Symptoms

Here are some common symptoms that you will experience when the P0410 trouble code triggers:

Possible P0410 Causes

Here are some of the main causes of why the P0410 trouble code generates:

  • Damaged air pump check valves
  • Bad pump relays
  • Defective control solenoids
  • Blockage in the air injection system
  • Bad O2 sensor
  • Clogged catalyst
  • Blown air pump fuel
  • Damaged vacuum lines

Possible P0410 Solutions

  • Repair or replace the air injection system
  • Service or replace the oxygen O2 sensor
  • Inspect and replace the air injection pump intake filter
  • Fix broken wiring connection
  • Repair vacuum leakages

How to Diagnose the P0410 Code?

Attach a Battery Charger

It is important that you have the car battery charger with you before diagnosing the P0410 error code. Troubleshooting this code requires the motor to be running, in order to check the voltage and resistance in the circuit. This may reduce the battery charge and may result in additional fault codes being generated.

Connect the OBD2 Scanner

To diagnose the trouble code P0410 it is important that you have an OBD2 scanner with you. Every vehicle manufactured after 1996 is equipped with an onboard diagnostic system that stores information on trouble codes for self-diagnosis and reporting.

The OBD2 scanner is able to read the information stored in the on-board diagnostic system. You can either purchase the basic code reader, which provides only specific information related to the code, or you can purchase the advanced scanner, which also allows monitoring and recording of live data.

Visually Inspect the O2 Oxygen Sensor and Wiring Harness

Locate the O2 oxygen sensor on your vehicle and look for signs of damage or corrosion. Also, check the wiring harness for a broken connection. Often, poor connections and dirty or contaminated O2 oxygen sensors will result in trouble code P0410 being generated.

Check the O2 Oxygen Sensor Voltage

Next, check the voltage at the O2 oxygen sensor. Before testing, ensure that the engine is cold and the vehicle has not been driven for at least 10 hours. Start the engine and measure the voltage at the O2 sensor with a scanning tool. If the voltage drops below 125 millivolts (0.125 volts) after about 10 seconds, this means that the secondary air system is functioning properly. However, if the voltage does not drop, this is an indication that the secondary air system is defective.

Check for leakages

If the voltage does not drop below 125 millivolts (0.125 volts) but you can hear the air pump running, carefully check all hoses, valves, and the solenoid for signs of leakage.

How to Replace the Secondary Air Injection Pump

If you have also checked the O2 oxygen sensor and all electrical connections, it is possible that the secondary air injection pump is defective and needs to be replaced. You can either visit a professional mechanic for replacement or do the procedure at home.

Tools required:

Safety goggles
Socket Wrench

Step 1: Locate the air injection pump

Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the air injection pump. It is located at the front of the engine, with the serpentine belt surrounding it. Make sure there is a belt routing diagram under the car’s bonnet so that you know how to re-attach the serpentine belt.

Step 2: Remove the Serpentine Belt

Remove the serpentine belt with a ratchet and disconnect any hoses from the pump.

Step 3: Remove electrical connections and bolts

Next, remove all electrical connections and vacuum lines from the pump, as well as the screws securing the air pump.

Step 4: Remove the Sensor

Remove the pump carefully from its place and get the new air injection pump.

Step 5: Installing the new air injection pump

Install the new pump and connect all electrical connections and hoses. Make sure that the screws are tightened and properly fastened.

Step 6: Attach the Serpentine Belt

Reconnect the serpentine belt and close the hood.

Secondary Air Injection Pump Replacement Cost

The average cost of replacing the air injection pump is between $300 and $400 depending on the car model and brand. Labor costs are around $100, while the part itself costs around $220 to $260.

Should I Repair the P0410 Trouble Code Right Away?

The trouble code P0410 does not cause serious problems with the driving behavior, but it drastically reduces the fuel consumption of the car. In addition, your car will start emitting dangerous pollutants. If the error code is ignored for too long, both the car’s engine and exhaust system may be damaged.

Recommended Tools to Fix P0410 Code

Car battery charger
Digital multimeter to test voltage and resistance readings
OBD2 scanner to scan the trouble code
Electric cleaner to clean to service the dirty sensor

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions about the error code P0410, just comment below and our team will contact you shortly. Don’t forget to mention your car model and make, and also the steps you already took to resolve the problem.

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