Average Strut Replacement Cost (Front & Rear) – By Model

Driving with bad struts can be dangerous and in the worst case, it can cause you to lose control of your car at higher speeds. Here's how much it costs to replace front or rear struts

Average Strut Replacement Cost

The average strut replacement cost is between $200 and $500, depending on the car model and labor costs. The average price for one strut is $150 to $300 and the labor cost is $50 to $200

  • It is recommended to replace both struts on the axle if one is bad. Replacing just one may cause the level of your vehicle to be different, and there may be stability problems.
  • You can either replace a complete strut with a spring and top mount bearing or replace just the shock. A complete strut increases the price a bit.
  • It is recommended to make a wheel alignment after any work in the front suspension.

Average Strut Replacement Cost

Front StrutLow: $250Average: $350High: $500
Rear StrutLow: $250Average: $300High: $400
Pair of Front StrutsLow: $500Average: $700High: $1000
Pair of Rear StrutsLow: $500Average: $600High: $800

Estimated Strut Replacement Cost by Car Model

These are the average estimated strut replacement cost by car model. The strut replacement cost can also differ depending on your engine type and year model. The prices are per each strut and not pair.

Car ModelRear CostFront Cost
Ford F-150No Struts$450
Honda CR-V$250$350
Chevrolet SilveradoNo Struts$450
Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500No Struts$450
Toyota RAV4No Struts$350
Toyota Camry$300$400

Parts Needed for a Strut replacement

Part NameRequired?All Models?
Top mount bearingPreferedFront Struts
Top mountPreferedYes
New bolts and nutsPreferedYes
Sway bar linkSometimes Needed if rustyNo

Repairs commonly related to Strut replacement

Replacement TypePrice Range
Front Coil Spring Replacement Cost$200 – $300
Rear Coil Spring Replacement Cost$150 – $250
Top Strut Mount Replacement Cost$100 to $250
Sway bar link Replacement Cost$100 to $200

A Mechanic’s Tips about Strut replacement

  • I do always recommend replacing a whole strut, including the top mount, top mount bearing, and the coil springs while you change your struts. It will be cheaper to just replace the shock, but you might have to do the same work two times if the coil spring pops the week after.
  • I do also recommend always replace the sway bar link if it is installed into the strut. These are a pain to remove, and in most cases, you will damage them when removing them. Anyway, they become bad often, so in my opinion, it is better to replace them directly.
  • If you are not replacing the whole strut, be super careful with the coil spring because you may get seriously damaged or even die without the right skills and tools.
  • Lubricate all bolts before you install everything together again. You will thank yourself later for it.
  • After a strut replacement or any other work with the suspension, it is recommended to make a wheel alignment. Otherwise, you might wear out your tires fast, and you may cause stability problems with your car.

What is a Strut?

A strut is a complete assembly of a shock, coil spring, top mount, and top mount bearing. The strut’s function is to create a comfortable ride in your car, even on bumpy roads. It is also made to keep the stability of your car at higher speeds.

How serious is a Strut failure?

A strut failure can be severe, depending on where it failed. A broken coil spring can go into your tire and cause serious trouble. A rusty and broken shock can cause some serious accidents at higher speeds.

How often do Struts need replacement?

There is no specified scheduled replacement of the struts. Either you replace them when some part of the brake like the coil spring or top mount bearing, or you replace them when you feel that your car’s stability has become swampy.

How do you know if you have a bad strut?

The symptom of a bad strut is a swampy suspension, bad stability, or noises from the suspension. You can check for more information about this here: Symptoms of a bad strut.

OBD codes associated with a Strut replacement

482795: Height level sensors Rear left – outside specification
482796: Height level sensors Rear right – outside specification
C1526 – Rear Ride Height Sensor

Related Parts to a Strut Replacement

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