Average Wheel Alignment Cost (Front, Rear & 4-Wheel)

A wheel alignment saves money by saving wear on the tires. Here's how much it costs to make a wheel adjustment on a 2wd or 4wd car.

wheel alignment cost

The average wheel alignment cost is between $50 and $200. The average price for a 2WD wheel alignment on one axle is $80, and the average price for a 4WD wheel alignment on two axles is $130.

  • On some 2WD car models, you can also align all four wheels, which is recommended. However, most 2WD car models do only let you adjust the front wheels.
  • Extra costs can come if there are parts that need replacement before the wheel alignment.
  • You can expect almost a double cost to align both axles instead of one.

Average Wheel Alignment Cost

1-Axle AlignmentLow: $50Average: $80High: $150
2-Axle AlignmentLow: $80Average: $120High: $200

Average Wheel Alignment Cost by Car Model

These are the average wheel alignment cost by car model with the most common options. This can differ if you have a 4WD or 2WD car.

Car ModelMin CostMax CostAverage Cost
Ford F-150$80$150$100
Honda CR-V$100$200$150
Chevrolet Silverado$80$150$100
Ram 1500/2500/3500$80$150$100
Toyota RAV4$100$200$150
Toyota Camry$50$150$80

Parts Needed for a Wheel Alignment

Part NameRequired?All Models?
Outer Tie End RodsIf badYes
Inner Tie End RodsIf badYes
Lower Control ArmIf badYes
Upper Control ArmIf badNo
Wheel BearingIf badYes
TiresIf BadYes

Repairs commonly related to Wheel Alignment

Replacement CostsPrice Range
Outer Tie End Rods Replacement Cost$80 – $150
Inner Tie End Rods Replacement Cost$100 – $200
Lower Control Arm Replacement Cost$200 to $400
Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost$200 to $600

A Mechanic’s Tips about Wheel Alignments

  • Always make sure that all the tie end rods, control arms, and bushings are in 100% good condition before you do a wheel alignment; otherwise, you will have to make a new one pretty soon.
  • Always align all four wheels if it is possible on your car model. The rear wheel alignment is much more important for your car’s stability than you might think.
  • The outer tie end rods and other adjustments can get very rusty over time. If your mechanic can’t get these loose, there can be additional costs, and in rare cases, you might actually need to replace these parts.
  • After the wheel alignment, ensure that the steering wheel is straight when driving at high speeds on straight roads.

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment ensures that you won’t get unnecessary wear on your tires and that you can get the maximum stability in your car while driving at high speeds.
When you do a wheel alignment, you often adjust your wheels’ toe-in, camber, and caster angles.

Is it necessary to do a wheel alignment?

It is essential to keep your car’s driving comfort and make sure you do not have to replace your car tires every year. The cost of the wheel alignment you will save in tire replacement costs.

How often should I do a wheel alignment?

It is recommended to make a wheel alignment every 2 years – or whenever you feel that the wheel alignment is bad. Also, after replacing front suspension parts and small accidents, it is recommended to do a wheel alignment.

How do you know if you need a wheel alignment?

The most common symptoms of a bad wheel alignment are bad stability in your car at higher speeds, rapidly uneven wear on your tires, and a turned steering wheel while you drive straight.

OBD codes associated with a Wheel Alignment problem

C1306 – Steering angle sensor

Related Parts to a Wheel Alignment

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