Average Shock Replacement Cost (Front & Rear) – By Model

Driving with bad shocks will give you a bumpy ride and it can also be dangerous and in the worst case, cause an accident. Here's what it will cost to replace your front or rear shocks

Average Shock Replacement Cost

The average shock replacement cost for a pair is between $150 and $600, depending on the car model and labor costs. The average price for one shock is $40 to $200, and the average labor cost for one shock is $50 to $150

  • It is recommended to always change both shocks on one axle and not just one. Replacing one can give your car bad stability and even make it dangerous in some situations.
  • Rear shocks are often much easier to replace than front shocks. This is often because front shocks have the springs integrated with the shock—a complete strut, in other words.
  • The replacement cost depends heavily on if you want to replace the coil springs and top mount bearings at the same time or not.
  • I do recommend doing a wheel alignment cost after any work with the suspension.

Average Shock Replacement Cost

Front ShockLow: $150Average: $200High: $400
Rear ShockLow: $80Average: $130High: $200
Pair of Front ShockLow: $300Average: $400High: $800
Pair of Rear ShockLow:$160Average: $260High: $400

Estimated Shock Replacement Cost by Car Model

These are the average estimated shock replacement cost by car model. The shock replacement cost can also differ depending on your engine type and year model. The prices are for just shocks without coil springs or top mount bearings.

Car Model1 Pair Rear Cost1 Shock Front Cost
Ford F-150$200$250
Honda CR-V$180$200
Chevrolet Silverado$200$250
Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500$200$250
Toyota RAV4$200$250
Toyota Camry$250$200

Parts Needed for a Shock replacement

Part NameRequired?All Models?
Shock AbsorberYesYes
Complete StrutPreferedNo
Coil SpringPreferedYes
Top mount bearingPreferedFront Shocks
Top mountPreferedYes
New bolts and nutsPreferedYes
Sway bar linkSometimes Needed if rustyNo

Repairs commonly related to Shock replacement

Replacement TypePrice Range
Strut Replacement Cost$200 – $500
Rear Coil Spring Replacement Cost$150 – $250
Top Mount Replacement Cost$100 to $250
Sway bar link Replacement Cost$100 to $200
Front Coil Spring Replacement Cost $200 to $300

A Mechanic’s Tips about Shock replacement

  • If you are going to replace the front shock, I do actually recommend getting a whole strut. This is a complete kit with the coil springs and top mount bearings. You can also have a complete strut on some car models.
  • If you are replacing the front shocks, I recommend replacing the top mount bearings if you decide to replace only the shocks. These bearings do often get worse, and they will make your coil spring to break off.
  • The Sway bar link can be a pain to remove, and often, it gets destroyed in the removal process of the shock, depending on the car model. If the sway bar link is installed on your shock, so you have to remove them to replace the shocks, I strongly recommend replacing them also.
  • If you are going to replace the rear shocks, they are often sold in pairs, so it is difficult to replace just one, and that is for the better.
  • The front shocks are pretty expensive to replace, so if they seem to be in pretty good condition – you can replace just one shock in the front if you want to save some money. It is recommended to replace both, though.

What is a Shock?

A shock is another name for the shock absorber. The shock absorbers are doing what they are named – absorbing shocks. They are also making sure that your car will not be bouncing around after every bump. The shock is a part of the complete part called Strut.

How serious is a Shock failure?

Driving around with bad shocks is never a good thing. Your car will bounce around everywhere, and it may also be dangerous if it is too bouncy. Often you do not realize that your shocks are bad before you replace them, and your car feels completely different!

How often do Shocks need replacement?

There is no specific schedule for shock replacements. They should be replaced when you feel that they start to get bad. The rear shocks are more common for damages and therefore need to be replaced more often.

How do you know if you have a bad shock?

A bad shock absorber’s symptoms are a bouncy car after bumps, bad stability, and noises from the shock absorber.

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