The Main Differences Between Flowmaster Super 44 and Super 40

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For more than two decades, Flowmaster has been a leader in performance mufflers. With the high-quality construction and unique tones, every car enthusiast covets the Flowmaster lineup. When it comes time to upgrade your exhaust, you may wonder which muffler to choose. What are the differences between the Flowmaster Super 44 vs. Super 40 models?

In this guide, we evaluate the two mufflers and help you determine which one is better. We look at the good and not-so-good of both mufflers. There’s also a section that helps you pick another brand if neither of these mufflers will work for you. Plus, we answer your top questions about the muffler models. 

Flowmaster Super 44 vs. Super 40: Which Is Better?

Depending on what your needs are, both of these Flowmaster mufflers are great options. The Super 40 is constructed of aluminized steel, while the Super 44 contains stainless steel. Additionally, the Super 40 has the thicker case of the two, plus a wider design overall. 

When it comes to sound, the Super 40 is known for its subdued tones. On the other hand, the Super 44 is going to give you the aggressive, deeper tone you might be looking for. 

It’s also important to consider the pricing and warranty of the two. While they have comparable prices, more than stock mufflers, the Super 44 with Stainless Steel has a better warranty. For about the same amount of money, you get a lifetime warranty versus a three-year warranty, proving that the Super 44 is a better value overall. 

Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler

The Super 44 is made from stainless steel, making it superior to the Super 40 based on construction alone. It’s the upgraded version of the Super 40, which has been built with aluminized steel instead. 

This better construction means increased durability. The stainless steel option also has a lifetime warranty, ensuring you get the coverage needed if there are any mechanical defects. The price isn’t unreasonable, which makes the lifetime warranty even more attractive.

If that’s not enough, the Super 44 muffler is compact and small. It will fit in a variety of vehicles, making it easy to upgrade just about any car. 


  • Deep, aggressive sound
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Compact, easy to fit in a variety of cars
  • Simple installation


  • Isn’t as loud as some mufflers
  • Delta Flow Technology doesn’t silence inner resonance

Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler

The Flowmaster Super 40 was the version of the Super 44 before it existed. It’s constructed from aluminized steel. This material provides some corrosion resistance for added life but not enough as stainless steel.

The case is nice and thick, allowing sound to echo. However, the thicker and bulkier case makes it difficult to fit all cars. If you don’t have a lot of room to play with, you could have trouble getting the muffler in place. 

There’s also the importance of the warranty. Because it’s made from aluminized steel, Flowmaster only puts a three-year warranty on this model.


  • Better sound than an OEM muffler
  • Durable construction
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Not as durable as stainless steel
  • Too bulky for some vehicles
  • Only a 3-year warranty

Key Differences Between Flowmaster Super 44 and. Super 40

To determine which Flowmaster muffler is right for you, it’s important to look at a few different characteristics between the two. Let’s examine the construction, design, price, sound, performance and installation. 

1. Construction

Neither of these mufflers is made with sub-par materials. The Super 40 is built from aluminized steel, which provides plenty of durability. 

On the other hand, the Super 44 has been upgraded to stainless steel. This material offers a little more life and better corrosion resistance. 

2. Design

The Flowmaster Super 40 is meant to work with a lot of cars, but not as many as the Super 44. This older design is bulkier and takes up more space.

If you have a compact vehicle, you are going to have trouble with the Super 40. Instead, you may prefer the compact design of the Super 44. 

3. Price

You aren’t going to find a big price difference between the two Flowmaster mufflers. For most vehicles, we found the price to be right around $100 for either muffler. 

What’s important to look at is the price difference between these and a cheap muffler. You are going to spend more with either of these two Flowmasters. Yet, there are plenty of other brands on the market that cost far more than both of these. 

4. Sound

One of the reasons you are looking to upgrade your muffler is probably to get a better sound out of the exhaust. With either of these mufflers, you will see a difference. However, there are some minor sound tones between the two.

The Super 40 is the original muffler that made Flowmaster a household name. It creates a muscle-car sound because of the thick case. It’s powerful and deep, something worth bragging about.

In comparison, the Super 44 is newer and better made. It’s not as loud, but definitely more aggressive. The deep sound is coveted by many enthusiasts today.

With both mufflers, you do get the patented Delta Flow Technology. This advanced system keeps noise outside where it bellows, but you still get some interior resonance. 

5. Performance

With both mufflers, you can expect similar performance results. Upgrading to either one can produce a little more horsepower, which is a good thing. However, there could be a minor decrease in the low-end power. The good news is that it’s not normally enough to be noticeable.

Flowmaster doesn’t create these two mufflers for performance as the forethought. Instead, the tone and quality are what’s most important, with the performance taking a backseat. 

6. Installation

If you plan to install your own Flowmaster muffler, you want to know which one will be easier to put on. Let us start by saying that we don’t recommend putting on any muffler unless you have the experience. Working with the exhaust is tricky and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Now that we got that out of the way, neither of them is much different to install. There are no special mechanics tools needed. Your common tool set should be just fine. 

Additionally, consumers find the Flowmaster to be easier to install than some other top brands, such as MagnaFlow. The company sends great documentation with the muffler, so you can tackle the job at home if you feel equipped.

Alternatives to Flowmaster Mufflers

car mufflers

If you find that these Flowmasters aren’t right for you, there are a few other options. Consider these brands.


This brand makes performance mufflers ideal for some smaller vehicles. Many Mitsubishi and Hyundai owners find these to work well on the compact vehicles. The lineup of mufflers also looks good, with the stainless steel construction and wider stance. 

MagnaFlow mufflers have a deep rumble sound that can accent any vehicle. However, the instructions leave a lot to the imagination. If you aren’t sure how to install a muffler, these instructions aren’t going to help you very much. 


Dynomax makes a Super Turbo muffler that’s a great contender. It fits a variety of vehicles and creates a deep sound. It’s not quite as noisy as the Flowmaster, but definitely better than your stock equipment.

The larger flow tubes help to reduce back pressure and keep the exhaust flowing for increased performance. There’s also fiberglass matting installed to reduce interior resonance. This muffler also comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a great value for the money. 

Is the Flowmaster Super 40 or 44 louder?

If you are strictly determining which one is louder in decibels, the Super 40 might win. However, the Super 44 has a more aggressive and desirable sound because it’s the upgraded model. With the Delta Flow Technology, interior resonance is also inhibited with both models. 

Which Flowmaster is the loudest?

Both the Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44 are considered among the loudest in the lineup. The company also lists the Super 10 and 80 Series in this category too. It’s important to choose a muffler based on your application and vehicle type. 

What is Flowmaster’s quietest muffler?

Flowmaster makes several mufflers that produce stock-like sounds. The company suggests getting the Super 50, 70 Series or 50 Series Big Block for minimal sound. If you want moderate sound, you may prefer the 50 Series Heavy Duty, HP 2, Pro Series, DBX Series, 50 Series Delta Flow or the 60 Series.

Is the Flowmaster Super 44 too loud?

It depends on what you determine to be too loud. Flowmaster rates the Super 44 as one of the more aggressive-sounding mufflers, with noticeable interior noise. It’s rated alongside the Super 40, Super 10, the 40 Series and the 80 Series. 

One of the biggest problems with trying to find a new muffler is determining which brand to choose. There are so many reputable brands to pick from, but we have come to enjoy everything that Flowmaster has to offer. As technicians, we know how easy they are to install and can’t complain about the sound these mufflers create. Two of our favorites are the Super 40 and Super 44.

If you are trying to decide between the two, reread our evaluation to see which one excels in the categories that matter to you. While they are very similar, there are some distinct differences you need to understand.

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