How Dealers Get Cars Inside The Shopping Mall

Car in shopping mall

Have you ever been walking through the mall and seen new vehicles on display? It’s a common occurrence these days to see new cars on display, as well as some classic or collector vehicles, especially during a special show. How do they get cars in the mall, and why would they want to?

In this guide, I show you how these vehicles are making their way into the mall. I also show you why people put cars on display in the mall. 

How Do They Get Cars into the Mall?

Dealers get cars into the mall by driving them in, but cars don’t drive into the mall through the same doors that you enter. Instead, there are larger doors that open up for bulky, oversized items, such as vehicles.

In some cases, the regular doors can also be used, as long as they can be opened large enough with special hinges. 

At first glance, you might not be able to spot these special doors. They have unique hinges attached that allow the door to open up wider. Only a few select people at the mall have the ability to open these doors to let vehicles in. As soon as the cars go through, they are closed and locked back up.

From there, the car would be driven slowly through the mall aisles until it reaches its destination. The person driving the car doesn’t normally work for the mall. Instead, the dealership will send employees to handle this transportation.

This process only occurs when the mall is closed, thereby ensuring everyone remains safe. For this reason, you could visit the mall one night and not see any cars, but return in the morning and see a whole new display.

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Why are Cars on Display at Malls?

1. Share New Models

Everyone usually waits patiently to see the newest releases of vehicles, but very few people want to travel to the dealership to see them. To help these people see what’s new, the dealerships will place some of the top vehicles in local malls, so you can check them out. 

Automakers want to ensure that people are driving the newest cars as soon as they hit the dealerships, so having them at the mall makes the most sense. The only trouble with checking out cars this way is that there’s no way to test drive them. If you are interested in one further, you will still need to visit a local dealership.

Automakers will also place some futuristic or concept models in the mall to gain an understanding of the public’s perception. There could be a spokesperson there getting feedback on the model before the automaker decides to build it. 

2. Highlight Latest Features

Maybe there’s nothing new about the design of a vehicle for the most recent model year, but there could be some updates to the features. When this happens, the dealerships want you to know about the features. The best way to tell you is to let you look at it and play with it. 

Not only could the car be in the mall, but there could also be displays showing the latest tech and safety features. There could also be a demo showing you how they work. If a representative from the dealership is at the mall, you might be able to ask further questions about the technology. Either way, the hope is that these features will cause you to covet the newest model and rush over to your dealership. 

3. Encourage a No-Stress Shopping Environment

When you go look at cars at a dealership, it’s difficult to do it alone. The salespeople are working on commission and they will fight over you to get the sale. This high-pressure shopping experience is something most people work to avoid.

To counteract this, dealerships will let you check out the new car in the mall where there is no pressure. If you want to sit and look at the car for thirty minutes, no one is going to stop you. It’s also possible to sit inside the car and enjoy the view for as long as you wish. From here, you can visit a dealership if you want to see more. Otherwise, there’s no obligation and you can simply walk away. 

4. Special Partnerships/Contests 

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Car dealerships will partner with the mall to run special events. You may see a car on display to promote the event. With these events, you can enter a contest for a chance to win something from the dealership. In return, the dealership gets your contact information so it can follow up with you.

You want to keep this in mind when you are entering the contest. If it’s a nationwide contest, your chances of winning are much lower, so be sure to read the fine print before you enter. You must then evaluate for yourself if the prize is worth having phone calls and emails from the dealership, many of which could be high pressure. 

5. Car Shows

Occasionally, malls will host special car events, either organized by local clubs or the event coordinator at the mall themselves. During these events, you can see a specific type of car. For example, there might be a Jeep event with a local club or a broader-reaching classic car show.

During a car show, you can often find more than simply the vehicles. There may also be vendors set up in the mall selling goods related to the event. Additionally, when private vehicles are in the mall, the owners will usually be with them. With the owner on-site, you can ask questions you might have about the vehicle. If you are wondering what kind of engine upgrade was performed, you won’t need to wonder. 

Make sure you have a camera or your phone with you as there are often exciting photo ops during these shows. In some cases, there could also be some famous people or unique performances on site.

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