P0507 Code – What It Means And How To Fix It

P0507 - Idle Air Control System RPM Higher Than Expected

P0507 Code

The P0507 code is related to the powertrain with electronic throttle control. It’s a generic OBDII code that can be read with your handheld scanner. 

In this guide, we look at the meaning behind the P0507 trouble code. We also show you how to diagnose and fix it. 

Code P0507 Definition

P0507 – Idle Air Control System RPM Higher Than Expected

What Does the P0507 Code Mean?

The P0507 code indicates that the engine computer detected the idle speed exceeded the manufacturer’s specifications over a certain period of time. Code P0507 is part of a series of faults (P0505-P0509) related to the idle control system.

On a car with electronic throttle control, the electronics and sensors are responsible for helping to maintain the idle speed. When the PCM detects that the idle speed has exceeded the desired RPM, the code is set. As an example, many GM vehicles set the code once the idle speed reaches 200 RPM higher than it should be.  

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P0507 Trouble Code Symptoms

The idle speed is going to be higher than normal when this code gets set. Additionally, the Check Engine Light should illuminate on the dash to alert you to the problem.

Here are all of the symptoms this code can cause:

Causes of the P0507 Code

The accelerated idle isn’t normally related to the idle speed, but typically created by an engine vacuum leak. If the code is triggered when the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve remains closed, there’s a vacuum leak and the engine is attempting to reduce the idle speed by closing the bypass circuit. 

Here are the most common P0507 code causes:

  • Vacuum leak
  • Air intake leak after throttle body
  • Leaking vacuum from EGR valve
  • Defective positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve
  • Contaminated/damaged throttle body
  • Failing EVAP system
  • Failing IAC (idle air controller) or circuit
  • Failed sensor
  • Loose connection or damaged wiring

How Serious is the P0507 Code?

Low – P0507 isn’t going to stop you from driving in the majority of situations. The engine continues to run, even though the ride might be rougher.

With P0507 triggered, the engine will run with a higher idle RPM. It might also feel harsh when the transmission engages. At times, the engine idle speed might also surge unexpectedly. 

What Repairs Can Fix the P0507 Code?

There are a few common repairs designed to fix this trouble code, but you must always perform diagnostic testing before trying a repair. If you start replacing parts blindly, you could spend unneeded money on parts that shouldn’t have been replaced. 

Here are some of the most common P0507 fixes:

  • Clean the throttle body
  • Clean the idle air control valve
  • Repair intake or vacuum leak
  • Replace defective sensor
  • Replace electronic throttle body
  • Swap out defective idle air control valve
  • Perform a throttle cable adjustment
  • Relearn idle air volume

Common P0507 Diagnosis Mistakes

The most common diagnostic mistake with the P0507 is replacing parts, such as the idle air control valve or throttle body without a proper inspection. By replacing parts prematurely, money is wasted and time is spent on fixes that won’t work.

In many cases, various parts simply needed to be inspected and cleaned to remove the carbon buildup. Additionally, vacuum leaks should always be considered before any parts are swapped. 

Recommended Tools for Diagnosis

How to Diagnose the P0507 Trouble Code

Most professionals will follow these steps to diagnose the P0507 DTC. You might need some advanced tools and expertise to complete these steps. 

  1. Connect the code scanner to see what is causing problems. 
  2. Clear the codes and go for a test drive to reset the appropriate DTCs. You will want to address any related codes, as these might fix the problem. 
  3. Look for torn vacuum lines to find a leak.
  4. Inspect the throttle body. Check for appropriate opening and closing of the passages and examine if there’s any carbon buildup.
  5. Test the IAC RPM speed, as well as the power steering pressure switch function.
  6. With an advanced tool, you can force a higher or lower idle speed to see what the engine does. 
  7. Check the PCV valve for blockage.
  8. Some vehicles can employ an idle air relearn procedure to repair the idle speed surge. 

Estimated Cost of Repair

Here are a few of the most common P0507 repairs and the costs. All prices listed below include the parts and labor, but not the expense related to diagnosis. 

  • Clean the throttle body – $75 to $200
  • Clean the idle air control valve – $175 to $400
  • Repair intake or vacuum leak – $125 to $300
  • Replace power steering pressure sensor – $175 to $325
  • Replace electronic throttle body – $500 to $1,200
  • Adjust throttle cable – $50 to $125
  • Replace idle air control valve – $125 to $650
  • Relearn idle air volume – $75 to $250

Mechanics Tips about the P0507 Code

With so many causes possible, the P0507 isn’t always easy to repair. If there are other codes set at the same time, it might help you narrow down the problem. Otherwise, you need to take your time and perform proper inspections.

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