P0339 Code – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms (& How to Fix)

A guide on how to diagnose & repair problems causing the P0339 trouble code

P0339 Code

The P0339 trouble code gets stored in the engine control modules trouble code memory when there is a problem with the circuit to the crankshaft position sensor A.

This can be caused by a few things, and in this article, we will go through everything you have to know about the P0339 sensor.

Code P0339 Definition

Crankshaft Position Sensor A – Circuit Intermittent

What does the P0339 code mean?

The P0339 error code indicates that the engine control module received an intermittent high signal (voltage) or an error signal from the crankshaft sensor ‘A.’ The function of the crankshaft sensor is to read where the crankshaft is in the cycle.

It is used to know when the injectors and ignition coils need to be ignited. The RPM will also be displayed on your dashboard by the crankshaft sensor.

P0339 Trouble Code Symptoms

The most common symptoms of the P0339 code are no start condition, check engine light, sudden engine stall, and performance issues.

Here are some other symptoms of the P0339 code:

  • Hard starting condition
  • Sudden engine stall
  • Check Engine light
  • Engine Performance Issues
  • Dead RPM meter on the dashboard while cranking

Causes of the P0339 Code

The most common cause of the P0339 code is a faulty crankshaft sensor. There could also be problems with the wirings or connectors.

Code P0339 could be caused by any of the following issues:

  • Faulty or damaged crankshaft position sensor (most common)
  • Wiring issue between the crankshaft sensor and engine control unit, shorted or open circuit
  • Faulty connector to the crankshaft sensor, corrosion
  • A faulty engine control unit (rare)

How serious is the P0339 Code?

Serious – The car engine needs the crankshaft sensor for the engine to run. This means that a faulty crankshaft position sensor can make your car stall and stop completely at any moment.

Therefore we recommend fixing the P0339 code as fast as possible. It is often pretty easy and cheap to repair this trouble code.

What repairs can fix the P0339 code?

  • Clean the connector to the crankshaft sensor
  • Repair the wirings between the ECM and crankshaft sensor
  • Replace the crankshaft sensor
  • Replace engine control unit
  • Charge your car battery or replace the car battery

Common P0339 Diagnosis mistakes

The most common diagnosis mistake of the P0339 code is thinking there is a problem with the camshaft timing and beginning the troubleshooting there. This P0339 says there is a circuit electric problem with the crankshaft sensor and not a timing problem.

Another common problem is to replace the crankshaft sensor without checking the wirings or connector plugs.

Recommended Tools for Diagnosis

How to diagnose the P0339 Trouble Code

This is a guide on how you can diagnose the P0339 code easily. You may need some special tools to complete this diagnostic procedure.

  1. Connect an OBD2 code scanner and check for other related trouble codes.
  2. Visually inspect the crankshaft sensor. Unplug the connector and check for corrosion.
  3. Find the ohm measure values for the crankshaft sensor from your repair manual. Measure the sensor and replace it if there is an open circuit or a false signal.
  4. You can also check the crankshaft position sensor signal with an oscilloscope if you got access to one.
  5. Remove the connector plug from the engine control unit and measure the same values to the crankshaft position sensor from the engine control unit’s connector plug. Repair wirings if any issues.
  6. Replace the crankshaft sensor even if your test values were okay. This is an intermittent trouble code, which can mean that the problem is not occurring right now.
  7. Replace the engine control unit if everything else seems good.

Estimated Cost of Repair

Here are some common repairs related to the P0339 trouble code. The prices include labor and part costs but do not include diagnosis costs.

  • Crankshaft position sensor replacement – 50$ to 150$
  • Crankshaft position sensor wiring repair – 20$ to 70$

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