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The Best Floor Jacks for Trucks & SUVs

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Lifting up your car with a bad floor jack is really dangerous and can result in serious injuries or even death.

A lot of accidents is caused because of bad floor jacks an no usage of jack stands.

In this post, You will find some great and safe floor jacks to use for both home and proffesional usage. Remember that you should always also use jack stands when working on your car.

A high-quality floor jack does not have to be very expensive. We have listed the best floor jacks in some different price ranges to purchase in 2020.

If you want to learn a bit more about floor jacks before you make a purchase, check our FAQ section in the bottom of the article. Scroll down or click here. Floor Jack FAQ.

Arcan ALJ3T
Torin Big Red Floor Jack
Sunex 6602LP

Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack – Best Value

In the first place on our list, you will find a floor jack made by the known brand Arcan. The Arcan ALJ3T is a high-quality light-weight aluminium floor jack that has the most functions that you need and it does really scream quality.

The aluminium material makes it pretty light-weight and it has the most functions and safety functions needed to make a safe job under your vehicle. The lift capacity is 3 tons and it has a lift range of 3.6″ to 19.4″.

Why we like it:
Key features:
  • 3-ton lift capacity
  • Lifting range of min 3.6″ to 19.4″
  • Dual pump for fast liftings
  • Over-load bypass protection valve for safe lifts
  • Dust shields for the piston to prevent hydraulic contamination
  • Reinforced lift arm for more durability and strength
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Sunex 6602LP – High-lifting Floor Jack

The Sunez 6602LP is the floor jack you look at have if you are looking for a floor jack for really high lifts. It is perfect for lifted trucks & SUV’s which require a really high lift capacity and high maximum lift.

It has an impressive lift range of min 2.75″ to a maximum of 24″. The lift capacity is 2 ton and it’s mostly because of the high lifting arm. If you have a very heavy truck, you should consider this and make sure that you will not exceed the lift capacity, because it may result in injuries if you are not careful. 

The long lift-arm is perfect to reach everywhere under your vehicle also. A perfect high-quality floor jack for lifted trucks and SUV’s that require a high lifting range for a reasonable price.

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Why we like it:
Key features:
  • 2-ton lift capacity
  • Lift range from min 2.75″ to max 24″.
  • A dual pump system for fast liftings
  • Robust High-Quality Floor jack
  • Long-Throw to reach any lift points under your vehicle.

Performance Tool W1627 – Heavy Lifting Floor Jack

On the third place on the list, you will find the Performance Tool W1627. What’s great with this one is that you can choose between a lot of different models after your needs. There will be an option for all needs and you do not have to look further. This review is made for the 3-1/2 ton Performance tool Floor jack.

You can choose between both low profile and high lifting jacks for and lift capacity for your needs. This floor jack has a whole 3-1/2 ton(7000lbs) lift capacity and will be enough for the most vehicles on the market.

 It is equipped with the most required functions like a double pump for fast lifting, 360 degrees wheels for easy movement and a over-load protection for the safety.

Check out this floor jack if you want a lot of options to get a customized floor jack after your needs.

Why we like it:
Key features:
  • 3-1/2″ (7000 lbs) Lift capacity
  • Lift range from min 4″ to max 20-1/2″
  • Over-load protection for safety lifts
  • 360 degrees rear wheel movement
  • Double pump for fast lifts

Alltrade Powerbuilt 620422E – Triple Lift Floor Jack

This floor jack is a bit different from the other floor jacks on this list. It has a patented triple lift and fit for both motorcycles and the most kind of vehicles. It has a built-in “jack stand” for easy and safe lifts.

The price is reasonable for all the functions this floor jack delivers. It does not have a very high lift capacity and may not fit under lowered cars, so make sure it will fit your vehicle and your car is not too heavy for this floor jack. 

The minimum lifting range is 8-5/8″ and may be too high for some vehicles. The lift capacity is 2 tons and it has a max height of 18-5/8″. If you are interested in this floor jack, check the video down below where they are explaining the functions.

A good floor jack for a good price if you are looking for a multi-purpose floor jack with a combined jack stand built into it.

Why we like it:
Key features:
  • 2-ton lift capacity
  • Lifting range from 8-5/8″ to a max of 18-5/8″
  • Inbuilt Jack stand
  • Good for both motorcycles and vehicles
  • Patented triple lift jack
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Liftmaster 3 Ton – Low Profile Floor Jack

If you are looking for a pretty cheap floor jack that will work well for both lifted trucks and lowered vehicles, the Liftmaster should be your choice. It’s a low profile steel jack with a mid-lift range.

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The price a reasonable if you are looking for a floor jack for a garage and home usage. It has a really low min lift height of 3 inches and will fit under the most lowered cars also. 

The max lift height is 19.7″, which may not be enough if you have a lifted truck. If you have a lifted truck, I do recommend to check a one with a higher lift. Also, this one has a 360 degrees wheel movement for easy mobility.

A floor jack for those who are looking for a floor jack that can lift both lowered and lifted vehicles for a reasonable price for a garage usage.

Why we like it:
Key features:
  • 3-ton lift capacity
  • Low profile lifting range from 3″ to max height 19.7″
  • A dual pump system for fast liftings
  • Strong rubber pad
  • Foam bumper to prevent damage to your vehicle

Torin Big Red Floor Jack – Budget Floor Jack

The Torin Big Red Floor jack is a budget floor jack for those that are not using the floor jack for a daily use and are looking for a cheaper alternative. 

The floor jack is also really small sized, which may be prefered by a lot of people if they do not have a good amount of space in their garage or shred.

The price is really reasonable for this floor jack. It will come with a distance to higher the lift range for uses with trucks and SUV’s. The lift range is minimum 6 inch and a maximum of 21 inches, which will do the job for the most lifted trucks. The lift capacity is the impressive, 3 ton for such a small floor jack. The rear wheels have a 360 degrees turn-ability for easy movements.

Why we like it:
Key features:
  • 3-ton lift capacity
  • Lift height of min 6″ to max 21″
  • Extra high distance for high lifts on lifted trucks and SUV’s
  • 360 degrees swivel wheels for easy movements
  • Robust and a high-quality
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FAQ About Floor Jacks for Trucks & SUV’s

How do I choose a floor jack for my use?

To choose the best floor jack for your need, you have to consider the price, quality, lift height, lift capacity and the lowest lift point (If you have a low car).
You should always check the specification of your car and see how much it weight to make sure you won’t exceed the lift capacity of the floor jack. Then you have to think of how much will you use the floor jack. If you have a workshop and are going to do 100 lifts per day, you might want to get a real high-quality floor jack. But in my opinion, you should always choose a high-quality floor jack, because you really don’t want your car to fall down on you when you are working with your car. Always use jack stands as a compliment when you are going to do any work under your car.

If you have a lifted truck, make sure the lift height will be enough.

Can you lift heavier than the specified lift capacity?

If you have a new floor jack in good condition, it can probably lift more than the specified lift capacity. The manufacturers have to make safe marginals to avoid any unnecessary accidents. But I do not recommend to exceed the lift capacity, because you really don’t want your car to fall on you when you are working under it.

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Do I need jack stands or is a floor jack enough?

You should always use jack stands when you are working under your car, even if you have a really high-quality floor jack. All floor jacks can get a problem or an internal leak and make the car fall down on your, and you won’t stand a chance against a 2-ton car, so always make sure that you have at least 2 jack stands under your car which has the right capacity for it. It’s stupid to risk your life for these tasks.

How do I lift my car with a floor jack?

To lift your car with a floor jack, you do most often just close the pressure valve (Normally turn the handle) and pump it up with the handle. To lower your floor jack, you should turn the pressure valve the other way. See the manual of the floor jack of how to use it properly. Always put jack stands under your car before going under it. Here you will see a video of how to lift your car properly and safely without taking any risks.

Where is the best place to lift my truck with my floor jack?

You should always check your Service / Owner manual to find the lift spots on your vehicle. Lift your vehicle on the not supposed lift points, can result in serious damages to your body and engine. If you have a car with a frame, you should always lift on it and not on the body. Lifting on the body can result in the frame will fall down if the body is rusty.

Is a cheaper floor jack as good as a more expensive one?

No, when it comes to floor jacks you will often get what you pay for. The cheaper one has often a higher lowest point and can’t lift as fast as an expensive one. The cheaper one does also have a much shorter lifetime and it may cause serious damages to you and your car.

I have a jack that doesn’t reach up, can I use pads to lift it higher?

You can if you are very careful and have some experience. Using pads can make your car to tip off and fall down if you are not careful. I do recommend to get a proper floor jack instead of taking the risk of serious injuries to you. For some floor jacks, there are special higher-lift pads that are secure, check amazon if you can find any pads for your floor jack.


  1. Always make sure your floor jack is in good shape before lifting your car
  2. Always use jack stands before doing any job under your vehicle
  3. You can often buy higher-lift pads for your floor jack if the lift is not enough
  4. Buy a quality floor jack, to prevent serious injuries

If you have any experience with these floor jacks and want to leave your review about them, comment down below. If you have any other car questions you are welcome to ask them at our homepage.

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