6 Best Garage Floor Paints of 2022 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

We've gathered all the best garage floor paints available on the market today, reviewed them and included a buyer's guide for you.

Best Garage Floor Paints

So you probably own a garage and want to spruce it up and make it look interesting. Probably you want to add some color to the walls and the floor, and you are looking for paint that will last as long as possible while not breaking the bank.

When looking for paint, you want something that is reliable and easy for you to apply. However, the process of looking for paint can be confusing, because there are so many brands on the market today – so it can be very hard to make a choice.

You might wonder why you specifically require garage floor paint for your floors, but it does have several advantages. The cost is relatively inexpensive, which allows you to renovate your space entirely without breaking the bank, compared to other floor covers. That is particularly the case if you are looking for actual floor paint, not an epoxy coating, which is different (we will discuss this later on).

Here are some of the best garage floor paints on the market today, as well as a buying guide to help you out the next time you go shopping.

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The Best Garage Floor Paints in 2022

Colored Epoxies 10022 Check PriceLight BeigeGloss
Rust-Oleum 203007 Check PriceGrayGloss
Rust-Oleum 251966 Check PriceTan GlossGloss
Rust-Oleum 26184 Check PriceGraySemi-Gloss
Supercoat Waterborne Check PriceglazeHigh Gloss
Liquid Rubber Check PriceBlackSemi-Gloss

1.Liquid Rubber Garage Floor Paint

Best Garage Floor Paint

This one is slightly different from what you normally see when you go shopping for garage paint. Even though the strict definition of paint does not necessarily apply to it technically, you can still think of it as paint for your floor that you use in layers. You first apply a ‘base’ layer, then gradually build up the layers until you achieve the coverage you want.

In terms of being different from the traditional paint, this is in terms of environmental friendliness. First off, the ease of application is because it is water-based, second is the lack of harmful odors or VOC, and third is that it is solvent-free.

It is also a sealant, since t is able to penetrate the toughest surfaces such as concrete, as well as filling in any cracks in your cement. That makes it a great choice if you have old floors that need some repairs, as it will solve the issue without you having to do extra repairs, and it is very durable as well.

Key features

  • Environmental friendliness and water-based
  • Penetrates through cracks
  • Multi-functional
  • Cures within 24 to 48 hours after application, depending on the roughness of the surface

What we like

  • Very easy to apply
  • Does not result in headaches due to odors
  • Is not sticky when dry
  • Affordable

2. Supercoat Waterborne Garage Floor Paint

New Garage Floor Paint

Even though the name might seem daft, this is actually an interesting product you cannot afford to ignore. It has a similar functioning theme to the famous Valspar Premium epoxy kit, so it will function as a sort of ‘laminator’ for your floor – only with higher levels of protection.

The composition of the paint is basically water and urethane mixed together, which makes it very tough – in case you might be wondering, urethane is a very high-level epoxy, so will guarantee you many years of protection. In fact, it actually provides protection of industrial levels for your floor, so you will not need to even worry about spillage. It will also help your floor to face any wear and tear in a major way, regardless of whether the floor is an epoxy one or not.

However, unlike the previous product above, this is not going to come cheap for you. It is a premium product, so the minimum amount of money you should expect to spend on it can be about $100 for every gallon. The good news is the protection it provides – it is unlike any other, and it remains a wise investment to make if you are looking for long-term protection.

Key features

  • The finish is super tough
  • Industrial levels of chemical resistance
  • Dries clear

What we like

  • Durable and a very strong finish
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Spreads nicely and dries quickly

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3. Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Paint

New Best Garage Floor Paint

This is not a paint in the strict sense of the word, but rather a two-part epoxy formula. That does not discredit its power though; it is easily among the best you can find for floor protection, and the finish is impressively smooth.

While you can use it as a paint additive, it is easily the star of the show in many ways and you can use it on its own. That also means that the product will leave your floor incredibly durable, and it can easily withstand any spills from oil and gas, as well as hot tire pick up and any road salt damages. The surface will also become resistant to peeling and cracking as well, so that makes it a wise investment for the long term.

Thanks to the epoxy formula, it is an almost-complete paint kit, as it includes the concrete etch and concrete cleaner. The only additions you need to make are the paintbrushes and rollers for the painting process.

Thanks to the semi-gloss finish, your floor will look appealing regardless of the type of light you use. In fact, you can choose to leave the floor in its grey color, or add some chips for a decorative and attractive finish. Since it is rich in epoxy, expect to fork out quite some money to get it – but that comes with the benefit of having paint that lasts for many years and continues to look good.

Key features

  • The finish is very tough
  • Kit is almost complete in its scope
  • The finish is grey in color
  • Dries within 12-24 hours after application
  • 2-part epoxy formula for added durability and strength

What we like

  • It is durable and lasts for many years
  • Looks very attractive after drying
  • Easy to apply (as long as you prepare the floor well)
  • The consistency is thick

4. Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Floor Paint

High Quality Garage Floor Paint

If you happen to hate your previous experience with paints due to one reason or another and you want something that you can apply without too much hassle and preparation, then this one can sort you out while protecting your floor. The product still comes from the Rust-Oleum company, so it is of high quality and will not disappoint you.

Unlike most of the paints on this list, you will be able to apply this product in one coat (for most paints you will need two to three applications for a good result). That will give you some peace of mind, while it protects the floor against all the common wear and tears elements such as oil, gasoline, grease, and salt.

The formula has an anti-freeze element to it, so it will guard against cracking as the years go by. That also gives you the benefit of preventing peeling on the floor, even when you park your car inside the garage. In fact, there is an interesting No hot-tire feature, which will prevent heat transfer from the tires to the floor, so that the floor does not degrade quickly – regardless of the intensity of use.

In addition, there are also metallic flakes within the paint, which will help in making the garage floor bright and attractive. Thanks to the combination of the high quality and the flakes, your floor will always look shiny and attractive, similar to the look of a showroom floor.

Key features

  • Only needs a single application layer, and dries quickly (between 12 to 16 hours)
  • One gallon of paint covers 250+ sq. feet
  • Has a semi-gloss finish
  • Has a no hot-tire feature that prevents heat transfer to the floor

What we like

  • Is at a pocket-friendly price
  • Does not need too much hassle in application
  • Easy to apply and is durable
  • The metallic flakes add some gloss

5. Rust-Oleum 203007 Garage Floor Paint

Durable Garage Floor Paint

This is the third product from the company, and it is not surprising to see why – it is a very good paint for your basement floor. In addition, it makes a great option for your garage floor, even if the name says otherwise.

All the positive features of a good garage floor paint are applicable here. One of them is the anti-chemical properties, which are quite strong and guard the floor from motor oil, road salts, anti-freeze and gasoline spills. In addition, you can rest easy when parking your car in your garage – it has a hot no-tire feature in its formula, which will resist annoying skid and tire marks even if you have just arrived from a long drive.

Key features

  • Will protect your floor from a wide range of chemicals
  • The formula is anti-cracking and no hot-tire
  • Surface is durable and glossy

What we like

  • It is easy to apply and clean once it cures completely
  • Does not have a bothersome smell
  • It is not expensive, unlike many paints
  • Durable

6. Colored Epoxies 10022 Garage Floor Paint

Chemical Resistant Garage Floor Paint

This is quite the sophisticated kit – it comes as three tins within the package, which are one hardener and 2x resin, and you will have to mix them and spread when applying it on your floor. However, it has some differences to the other kits on this list, as this is the complete extent of the kit you are dealing with. That means you will need to buy decorative chips or other materials separately if you want to use them.

The quality of the product is quite impressive – you will hardly be disappointed with the finish it gives your floor. The end result is very tough, which is quite different from many epoxy kits you find in the market today. In addition, it is not water-based, and is mostly used by professional contractors.

That also indicates that the price will not come cheap, and it will be very unforgiving of mistakes you might make during application. While it is fairly easy to apply, you need to be extra careful about the timing – there is a very short window when you can correct any errors you make. Other than that, the result is very good when you do it well, right from preparation to application.

Key features

  • The kit is a 2-part epoxy type
  • Quite easy to use
  • The end result is a very dry, tough finish
  • Very costly, but worth the results

What we like

  • It is very tough and durable
  • Help is in plenty
  • Chemical resistance of industrial-grade

What is the best variety of concrete floor paint to use?

Garage Floor Paint

Because paint is not the most durable option when you are looking at various flooring options at your disposal. The main key here is to choose the best one, considering all the wear and tear your floor goes through.

When you are planning to use paint on the floor of your garage, you need to guarantee that the floor remains safe, because fixing the issues with the floor is very hard – even with the slightest problems. In addition, it is hard to get the paint off once it goes on. The paint you select will depend on how you normally utilize the garage – for instance, if you are only using it to keep your car, you will use a different paint than what you would use if the garage functions as a machinery workshop.

What are the types of floor paint to use?

Epoxy paint

If you are searching for the gold standard in garage floor paint, look no further than this one. Once it goes on your floor. Even the toughest corrosives will never penetrate it, and it is also resistant to the elements of cold, heat, rain or wind. Because of this, you will not need to spend much money in maintaining it, as much as the other options.

However, the main issue it has is the preparation stage. While it is highly important to prepare the floor very well before applying any coat of paint, epoxy seems to have a special place in the preparation status list – and that makes it time consuming to apply. If you are in a hurry or do a sloppy job, the floor will be very uneven – and it will be impossible to correct the mistakes afterward.

Before you even begin painting, you need to clean the floor thoroughly and remove any stains, previous paint, any grime, dirt, and any other kind of substance that can interfere with the painting process of your finish such as oils. The good news is that epoxy paints will normally include a cleanser in the kit, which you can use to clean the floor.

After you strip the floor, you can then paint the epoxy. However, you must apply it as carefully and thoroughly as possible, and use the clear coat in the package to finish things up.

Masonry paint

This is among the older paint types that you can use for the floor, and it is good for its durability. However, you will need to refresh the coats after some time and wash the floor with acid (if it is cement).

Latex paint

It is not very different from what you would find on your garage walls. However, there is something to note: when buying it, ensure that it can be useful on a garage floor (since not all latex paints are applicable).

The good news is that you can get it in different colors and it is affordable, and this allows you to be creative with the interior décor. It is best if you live in a mild climate and are only using the garage to store your car.

Concrete stain

This is the most basic form of garage floor paint you can get, and is for you if you are only interested in preventing the floor from chipping or cracking. However, unlike latex paint, it does not come in a variety of colors. The good news is the simpler application process – aside from washing the floor with acid before application, there is nothing else to do.

You can also paint several layers as well, so this will give you the most options while remaining basic, which is good if you are searching for a fast and durable solution.

What should you consider when buying garage floor paint?

The capacity

You do not want to start on the painting process, only to find out halfway that the paint is not enough, and that is why it is important to check this factor. The usual scenario is that you already know what amount of paint you should get for the area you are covering, and the manufacturer will indicate this in the packaging.

Before heading out to buy some gallons make sure to measure the floor of your garage. As a general rule, a gallon of paint will be enough for about 100 to 600 square feet, depending on the exact paint and how many coats you are applying.

For instance, if you want to apply two coats, then reduce the area the product promises to cover by half. Ensure you calculate the area you are painting to reduce wastage, or else the paint will start to dry while you are mixing the coats.

What appearance are you going for?

This might prove to be a deal breaker for most people, as they think about the final appearance after the paint dries. If you are using an epoxy paint, you will either get a semi-transparent or a transparent final look. The floor will mainly remain as it is, only adding some shine.

You can also get paints that have a black to grey finish, which can look very attractive for a garage, and polyurethane paints will give an endless array of color options.

Just keep something in mind: colored paints will always work best with a stone or concrete floor, while transparent coats will work well with a variety of surfaces.

The level of protection capacity

The floor will come into contact with various materials, and each of the contacts will instigate various changes. The main reason you are applying the paint is to protect the floor from damage that these materials cause. You will also need to protect your floor from the tools you use – such as when you are dragging heavy boxes on it, the paint needs to be strong enough to absorb the shock and still remain intact.

Therefore, durability is important. The best choices are always 2-part epoxy paints, although they tend to be very expensive. However, they can be the best investment as long as you can afford them, especially when your garage floor goes through heavy use. That brings us to:


We are sure you do not want to apply new coats of paint after every few weeks, so you must select a paint that can withstand time.

There are three kinds of rivals your floor will face – chemical elements, abrasion, and climate. The paint you use must withstand all these issues and resist cracking. You need to also ensure the paint coat is flexible enough to absorb any abrasions, and this will give it endurance.

In addition, the chemical durability is also important, because chemicals can damage the coat as time goes by.

The installation process

Just because the paint is durable, doesn’t imply it will adhere to your floor very well. You need to ensure the floor is compatible with the paint, through the preparation process.

The better products will always be more time consuming to install, but that means they will last longer and require less maintenance. When it comes to curing, this should not be a problem unless you want it to dry as quickly as possible (again, this is not advisable). You would rather take your time applying the paint and do a good job, rather than rushing through the process.

At the end of the day, the paint you decide to use on your garage floor will depend on what you want to achieve. Regardless of the coat you use, you will achieve a beautiful result that will last the test of time, and make your surface look attractive, while also guarding it against the elements and chemicals. If you have experience with garage floor paints, then tell us about it in the comments below.


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