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Which Vehicle History Report is the right for me?

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vehicle history reportThe vehicle history helps you know the kind of repairs that have previously been done on the car.

With the report, you are able to determine whether you are getting value for your car. However, the report is as good as the information entered. There some people who may fail to inform the vehicle history report for minor incidents.

This means the car can have a defect but it is covered. When you purchase the car that’s when you discover that the car has more problems than you had anticipated. So, which vehicle history report is the correct one?

Independent players

These car vehicle history report companies will verify the car on your behalf. However, you pay extra for their services – at times up to $100. Dealers usually provide the report for free, you only pay when you want to make a private purchase. The biggest players for these reports are Carfax and AutoCheck. You should walk away from the deal if you discover that the dealer does not have the report or they are giving you an outdated one.


Is a leading vehicle history report maker- has been issuing independent car report history since the late 1980s. In addition, they can have the report faxed to the customer. While the reports are quite expensive they tend to be the most detailed. You will find information about the number of owners, maintenance records and repair service centers details.

If you are willing to buy a car from a private seller then the Carfax reports are the best. They are user-friendly but you will pay extra.


If you are looking for a more affordable option the AutoCheck is your next choice. The vehicle history report is a comparison of the car with other cars built in the same year. This is done on a score of 70 to 90. Check for higher scales. Check for the range as the score can be misleading.

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You can find a car with a higher score but has recently being involved in an accident. The upside is that reports from AutoCheck are more affordable than those from Carfax.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)

Your other best option is the NMVTIS. This history report has credibility because the Federal department of Justice offers it. All insurance carriers, salvage and junk dealers are required to submit information about car history to the department by the law. This gives the report credibility. It is the most affordable option when compared with the other reports because they charge an average rate of $10. However, the report is not as detailed as those of the independent parties.

Based on all the three options the most expensive is the Carfax report but it is the most comprehensive, followed by the AutoCheck report. The NMVTIS is the least comprehensive and omits a lot of car history information. If you go for it you will need to confirm the information with the other two reports.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

It is good to check your VIN with the crime bureau. All cars that have been stolen but never recovered find their VIN reported to the crime bureau. Insurance companies help the bureau in ascertaining this car. You can search the car on the bureau website. However, the searches are restricted to five searches per IP address.

What is included in a vehicle history report?

used car in shopThe vehicle inspection report gives a car’s repair history. In the report, you will find out if the car was involved in an accident and what kind of repairs where done. Most car dealers are expert salesmen and will convince you to purchase their car model. The vehicle car report helps you to have a solid verified history of the car. Carfax and the other vehicle history players will collect accident data from insurance companies, repair shops, and motor vehicle departments.

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Once your see a car report showing a car that suffered extensive damage during an accident then you need to trend carefully when making a purchase. The repairs done on the car could be dubious and you could end up paying for a car that breaks down a few weeks after purchase. The history report can be very detailed containing information like whether the car was involved in a flood or fire.

Title history

You also need to carefully study the title history. In this report you can learn how the car has changed owners. A car that has changed ownership in multiple states over a short period of time should raise alarm. It could be that the owners are desperate to dispose off the car. If the car is indicated to have a salvage title it means that the insurance company inspected the car and declared that repairing the car does not make any economic sense.

In this instance someone could have come along inspected the car and decided that the car can be repaired. If it is restored to operating condition then it will have the word salvage title on it. Those who repair such kind of cars use cheaper spare parts because they know they cannot recover a better price from the car. You should trend carefully with cars that have salvage title on them.

Most of the cars that attract good prices tend to be single owner type of cars. The vehicle history will show the number of owners and service history. You should also inspect the car for the presence of a lien. This is a legal charge in case the owner of the car has not fully completed repaying his/her loan.


Having a vehicle history report enables you to know whether you are purchasing a good car or one that will require repairs down the road. Carfax have the most comprehensive reports but they are more expensive than other service providers. The other option is to get a vehicle history report from Autocheck.

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The later is cheaper but offers less comprehensive reports. In addition, you will find some stuff in the Carfax report that is missing in the Autocheck report. NMVTIS is the cheapest report and the least comprehensive.

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