Are Duralast Batteries Good?

duralast battery review

You know when it’s time for a new car battery, but do you know which one will provide the best bang for your buck? If you are shopping at AutoZone, you may see Duralast batteries and wonder how they compare to the competition.

In this guide, I look at who makes the Duralast battery and what models are available. I also examine the differences between the two top models, while also examining the pros and cons of the entire lineup. In the end, I will help you decide if Duralast is a good brand for you and answer your top car battery questions. 

Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

Duralast batteries are found at AutoZone, and are made by Johnson Controls International PLC. This manufacturer is from Cork, Ireland and was established in 1885. The creator, Warren S. Johnson, partnered with Milwaukee investors to start the company. 

Johnson Controls International PLC. doesn’t just make batteries, but is also known for creating security equipment, fire products and HVAC supplies. In 1978, the manufacturer purchased Globe-Union, a battery company. By 2019, Johnson Controls maintained nearly 2,000 locations on six continents, with a strong presence in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium and Austria.

Johnson Controls last reported nearly 100,000 employees, and a net income of $2.4 billion. The battery business is currently run by Brookfield Business Partners, who may decide to rebrand it.

Additionally, it’s unclear who makes the Platinum lineup of Duralast batteries, which is considered the premium type. A few online resources claim that East Penn is responsible for supplying the Platinum lineup. 

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Duralast Battery Models

1. Duralast

The lowest line offered by the company is Duralast. These are the cheapest option you can choose from at AutoZone, but they only include a two-year warranty.

Still, these batteries tend to provide plenty of power and cold cranking amps for normal driving conditions. They are also constructed to provide some resistance to vibration and a quick start. 

2. Duralast Gold

As a 12-volt battery, this model falls in the middle of what’s offered by Duralast. You can find a Gold battery to fit your passenger vehicle and other equipment, including your farm tractors and lawnmowers. 

Because it provides a maximum of 750 CCA, you can count on easier starting in colder conditions. You can also bank on fewer vibrations with the unique construction of polypropylene materials. There’s also a low self-discharge capacity, which is one of the reasons for a longer three-year warranty.

3. Duralast Platinum

The best design you can find from the Duralast brand is the Platinum battery. It features an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) flat-plate design that provides a longer life. Because of the tight seal, the battery is also spill-proof. 

The Platinum batteries are even more resistant to vibration and can be mounted in any position. Plus, they come complete with a three-year warranty for peace of mind. 

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Differences Between Duralast Gold vs. Platinum

Both Duralast Gold and Platinum are good car batteries, but there are some key differences. Duralast Gold is a lead-acid battery, while Duralast Platinum is an Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) battery. An AGM battery is more expensive, but it offers many advantages over a lead-acid battery.

Here are some more differences between Duralast gold and platinum:

1. Cold-Cranking Amperage (CCA)

The cold-cranking amperage rating shows you how well the battery will start when the temperatures drop. If the CCA rating is high, it shows that the battery has more starting power, even in extreme conditions. 

One of the bigger differences between the Gold and Platinum lineup is the CCA rating. You can find higher CCA ratings with the Platinum models than with the Gold. 

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2. Voltage

It’s important to evaluate the voltage of the batteries as well. Most automotive batteries are rated at 12 volts

Whether you choose the Gold or Platinum battery, you can expect the same voltage. Both of these are 12-volt batteries. 

3. Durability

With either lineup, you can count on a long lifespan. Both Gold and Platinum batteries have a three-year warranty.

Still, the design of the Platinum battery might help it to go longer than expected. Even though the warranty is the same, you may be able to rely on the higher-end model longer. 

4. Design

When it comes to finding an automotive battery to fit your vehicle, there should be no problem getting the right match with Duralast. The company ensures that all vehicles have a matching battery.

What’s best about the Duralast Platinum is the spill-proof design. Unlike the Gold lineup, you can mount a Platinum battery in any configuration in your truck, car or SUV. 

5. Reverse Capacity

The reserve capacity measures how long the battery can run with one charge. This rating is important to know, especially if you plan to drive in extreme weather conditions. 

The Duralast Platinum lineup boasts of a reserve capacity of 200 minutes, while the Gold is only rated for 150 minutes. When every minute matters, those extra 50 can really add up. 

6. Cost/Value

You can’t overlook the value of having a budget when purchasing a new car battery. It’s important to keep the cost as low as possible, but you also want to examine the value.

The Duralast Platinum is going to cost more than the Gold model. However, it could last longer, so are you really paying more in the long run?

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Duralast Battery Pros

1. High-Quality Materials

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Duralast is known for making a high-quality battery with top-notch materials. The calcium that the company uses is supposed to make them more durable than some other competitors. For that reason, you can expect the batteries to last three to five years, on average.

Additionally, the casing is strong and supportive. With the help of vibration protection, you know that even driving in extreme conditions won’t affect how the battery runs. 

2. Decent Warranty

The standard lineup of Duralast batteries only comes with a two-year warranty. This isn’t much better than the rest of the industry, but the higher lines exceed expectations.

With both the Gold and Platinum batteries, you can count on a three-year warranty. Even if you spend a little more, this peace of mind helps you to purchase with confidence. 

3. Good Performance

When comparing the specifications to other brands, you see that the Duralast brand has a lot to offer. Starting with the CCA, most of the batteries are rated for up to 500 CCA, which is good. 

The reserve capacity is also higher, allowing you to rely on the power when it’s needed the most. On top of that, there are some with superior grid and plate integration to ensure better performance. 

Duralast Battery Cons

1. High Self-Discharge

Duralast batteries tend to have a higher self-discharge rate than other battery brands. Because of this, the lifespan can sometimes be less than expected unless you take good care of the battery.

Additionally, there are some Duralast battery models that have a lower self-discharge rate. While you may pay a little more for these, the extra life would be worth it. 

2. Some Maintenance Required

Many car batteries require regular maintenance to keep in good shape. The same can be said about the Duralast batteries. 

There are some Platinum models that are AGM, so there’s less maintenance to worry about. However, you will have to pay more for these. Plus, there are a few batteries without a carrying handle, making them difficult to carry. Because batteries can weigh a lot, someone without arm strength might find this to be a burden. 

Duralast Battery Review: Are They Any Good?

Overall, it’s hard to argue about the performance of the Duralast brand. When compared with many of the other battery brands in this price range, you will find the specifications of Duralast consistently fare better.

For this reason, I find that paying extra for a top Duralast battery is often a good idea if you can afford to. From the long warranty to the high reserve capacity, Duralast should provide everything you need. 

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Who Makes Duralast and Duracell Batteries?

Duralast batteries are made by Johnson Controls, while East Penn makes some of the higher-end options. Duralast batteries are sold by AutoZone. Duracell car batteries are created by East Penn and are sold at Sam’s Club, among some other suppliers, such as Tractor Supply. 

Is Duralast a Decent Brand?

Compared to more well-known brands, Duralast is going to be a cheaper option. Yet, this automotive battery is just as reliable as some of the best. For this reason, you can trust that the investment made in a Duralast battery is likely a good one. 

Are Duralast Batteries From AutoZone?

Duralast Batteries come in a variety of types. You can choose the Duralast, Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum. All three of these battery types can be found at AutoZone. Because there are so many to choose from, you can be sure to find a Duralast that fits your vehicle and power requirements. 

How Long Do Batteries Last From AutoZone?

The majority of car batteries can be expected to last three to four years. The same can be said about Duralast batteries. However, the Platinum are sometimes known for going even longer, although it can cost a little more. Still, you can take advantage of two- to three-year warranties, depending on which model you choose. 

When you are searching for a reliable automotive battery, Duralast might provide everything you are hoping for. A trip to your local AutoZone location or a visit to the auto parts store’s website will help you find all of the Duralast batteries that fit your vehicle. You can choose from three different grades, depending on what is important to you.

If you are looking for a cheap automotive battery, the standard lineup might be all that you need to get by. However, there are also the Gold and Platinum models that offer better performance and a longer life if you don’t mind paying a little extra. Evaluate your options and see how the Duralast brand stands up to your expectations.

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