How to Reset the Oil Life Percentage in Your Honda

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If you are like many other people, chances are you leave the details of vehicle maintenance to the professionals and then take your car when you have problems.

But you don’t have to: if you are familiar with the mechanics and operation of the car, you can service it yourself.

The problem is when you try to search for information, finding the right information can be difficult. To reset the oil life in your Honda, you should know a few things about the entire system.

The most important thing is that it has a similar operating mechanism to GM’s OLS in that it monitors the type of usage the vehicle has gone through and then uses the data to predict the quality of the engine oil.

Perhaps you are aware of this, so the next question is: how do you change the oil setting?

How to Reset the Oil Life Percentage in Your Honda

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Resetting the oil setting is important because if you replace the engine oil but do not reset the system sensor, the system will constantly display incorrect information. The good news is that resetting the monitor is easier than you might think.

Honda 2018 CR-V model:

  • Press and hold the button indicated on TRIP (located in the instrument panel) until the engine oil life option is displayed.
  • Continue to press and hold the button until you notice a flashing in the display area. This will probably take ten seconds or longer.
  • Continue holding the button down, and the display should change to 100%.

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If the Honda model has the DII (Driver Information Interface):

  • Use the DII, scroll and stop when you see the Maintenance Minder option, then select it.
  • There is an Enter key on the user interface; press and hold this key for ten seconds.
  • This opens a menu where you can select the maintenance option you want to change.

If the car model has a Display Audio interface

  • On the home screen, go to Settings.
  • Select Maintenance Info.
  • Choose the option Select Reset Items
  • On the list that appears, select all the items you want to reset.

Resetting the oil life in a Honda Civic

The advantage of a Honda Civic is that you will find it easier to find your way around the Oil Life Reset Systems section, as the oil life percentage is constantly displayed. Here are the steps to reset the system:

  • Turn the key in your ignition. It should turn on, but without turning on the engine. Alternatively, you can press the push button twice without turning the brake pedal. The result should be that on some cars the ignition is turned on, but the engine should still be off.
  • Press the button marked “TRIP” a few times in quick succession until the oil maintenance indicator lights up.
  • When the oil level indicator is displayed, press the TRIP button for ten seconds to allow the system to reset the data.
  • Press the TRIP button again until it is at 100%.

Resetting the oil life display through the multi-information display

The multi-information display is another favorite of many riders who own the new version of Honda Civic. It centralizes the control center, making it easier to monitor the condition of your car and reset the oil change. Here is how to do it:

  • Turn the key in the ignition until it turns on without starting the engine, or you can press the button twice while leaving the brake pedal alone. In both cases, the engine should remain off, even if some functions light up.
  • Locate the ‘INFO’ button on the steering wheel of the Honda Civic. Press it several times and watch the display until a wrench image appears. Then press ‘Enter’ on the display until the oil life section appears.
  • To activate the reset mode, press and hold the ‘Enter’ button. A menu will appear on the screen, so select the ‘All Due Items’ option.
  • Press ‘Enter’ again to set the percentage to 100%.

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What is the oil change reset system about?

As part of the Maintenance Minder System, the oil maintenance light is an important component of your car. The resetting of the oil life in your Honda was introduced by the company in 2006, so drivers would know when their cars needed scheduled maintenance.

The system monitors how your Honda is used daily and then determines the times when the system needs maintenance.

What are some of the factors that determine the engine oil life?

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There are numerous factors, but they are divided into primary and secondary factors. Primary factors include trip duration, total mileage, engine load, engine temperature, engine speed, and vehicle speed.

Scheduled maintenance is typically 5,000 miles. If the engine maintenance light comes on before you reach that mileage, the maintenance minimizer will predict the breakdown time of additives in the engine oil, based on engine condition and vehicle usage.

The specific steps that allow you to change the oil maintenance settings vary slightly depending on the model, so you should refer to the manual for detailed instructions.

Final thoughts

Changing your Honda’s oil system readings may seem like a difficult process, but when you think about it, it’s not that difficult; it also helps your car run as efficiently as possible in the long run.

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