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Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

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car maintenance tipsYour car is the thing that brings you quickly to your destination.

Furthermore, your vehicle is a long-term investment and you definitely want it to be worth the money you invested in your vehicle when you bought it. But if you are a car lover, you may have a different perception of your car.

It is true when they say: “Your car will serve you properly if you serve your car properly”, which means that timely maintenance of your car will be of long-term benefit to you.

Car Maintenance Tips

There are two things when it comes to car maintenance tips: one is the maintenance that is done after something breaks or needs to be replaced, and the other done before something breaks; so-called preventive maintenance. The latter is the better of the two. Your car has all these indicators to tell you when it’s time to change the oil, check the pressure of the oil and your steering pump, and other things.

Your car consists of thousands of different components that vary in size and function. There are some things that you can inspect and maintain yourself with a little knowledge and possession of the basic tools, while some things need to be handled by a mechanic.

Here are seven tips for vehicle maintenance, ranging from simple things to more technical situations:

1. Inspect your air filter

fram air filter

One of the most basic yet essential components in your car is the air filter. The filter itself may not be a big deal, but its job is critical to the smooth running of your car. During operation, your car constantly draws air from the atmosphere to mix it with the fuel to be burned. The atmospheric air is definitely not 100% clean, so it is the job of the air filter to filter the dirt and debris out of the air before it enters the mixture, otherwise, your car will not run as smoothly as it should. So your air filter works constantly while your engine is running and tends to get dirty over time. It is therefore advisable to inspect the air filter frequently and to clean or change it depending on its condition.

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2. Inspect your car battery

As far as tips on vehicle maintenance go, this is one of the most critical. Your car’s battery powers all electrical systems, the lights, and, most importantly, the engine that starts the engine when you turn the key. If your battery is in poor condition, you’ll probably end up stranded somewhere because your car won’t crank. Caution is better than indulgence, so it is advisable to check and replace the car battery after 2 to 3 years. Within this period, you should regularly check the fluid level of the battery if it is an acid battery.

3. Inspect and change your engine oil timely

Your car’s engine relies on oil for lubrication, so the life of internal engine components and transmissions depends on oil. Every book of maintenance tips for your car includes a timely oil change. A car with little oil will eventually break down and require major repairs at a high cost. Sometimes even the engine itself will need replacing. It is important to check the condition of the engine oil. If you notice that the oil has turned black, it is time for an oil change. Also, change the oil after you have driven the miles indicated by the oil manufacturer on the oil reservoir. If there is an oil leak, have it repaired immediately.

4. Get your spark plugs checked and replaced

Spark plugs are often overlooked in tips for vehicle maintenance. Depending on the make and model of your car, your car may have 4 or more spark plugs. Spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture in your engine, which is why they get carbon deposits on the tips over time. The carbon deposits then begin to affect ignition timing and spark quality, which directly affects your engine. After about 50,000 to 80,000 miles you should have your spark plugs checked. If your mechanic suggests that you replace them, replace all of them, not just the ones that show greater wear.

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5. Check and maintain the right pressure in your tires

Another decisive tip for vehicle maintenance: This factor has a direct effect on driving comfort and quality. The right tire pressure, which is about 30 PSI, ensures the right control over the vehicle. The right pressure enables the tires to adhere evenly to the road and then wear down slowly and evenly. Too high or too low pressure also leads to excessive pressure on the suspension struts and suspension. Nevertheless, it is best to check the pressure of all four tires regularly to avoid these problems.

6. Get your brake system inspected

No matter where you look for tips on car maintenance, brake system maintenance will always be listed. Braking your car is one of the most critical factors in controlling your vehicle. The only way for you to slow down or stop your vehicle is to keep the car’s braking system in top condition; this is a matter of safety. Never compromise on the brakes to save money. There is no mileage limit to have your brakes checked. It is better to have your brakes checked monthly; every 3 months at the very least.

7. Check the level of other fluids in the car

We are talking here about the power steering fluid, the transmission fluid, and the coolant in your car. All these fluids are as important to your engine as the engine oil. Your power steering system will not work as it should if the pump or hoses are leaking or if there is not enough fluid in the reservoir. Transmission oil is as important to the transmission as engine oil is to the engine. The coolant has the task of maintaining the engine temperature. Therefore all these fluids should be at full level and if there is a leak, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

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