How Much Does a Car Weigh? (Average Weight by Car Type)

The weight of a car does of course differ a lot between different car models, but what does the average car weigh? Let's find out!

Average Car Weight

Knowing the weight of your car can be very useful in a lot of different situations. For example, it can be beneficial to know if you are going to tow your car or drive over a weak bridge.

But how much does the average car weigh, and how can I find out how much my car weighs?

In this article, you will learn the average car weights by car type and by car model. You will also learn how to find out the exact weight of your car.

How much does a car weigh?

The average car weighs 4,094 pounds, according to U.S. Environmental Environmental Protection Agency. The average small car (e.g., Nissan Micra) weighs 2600 pounds, while the average large car (e.g., Audi A8) weighs 4400 pounds.

We will first go through a list of car weights for different car types like small, large, trucks, or SUVs.

These weights are the average curb weights of different car types. If you want to learn a bit more about the different car weight specifications, you can find the answer to this further down in the article.

Weights by Car Type:

TypeWeight (Kg)Weight (Pounds)
Small Sized Cars(eg Nissan Micra):12002600
Midsized Cars (eg Audi A4):16003500
Large Sized Cars (eg Audi A8):20004400
Small Trucks/SUV (eg Kia Soul):15003300
Midsized Trucks/SUV's (eg Nissan Navara): 24005300
Large Truck or SUV's:(eg Chevrolet Tahoe):30006600

Weights by Car Model:

Now when you know the weight of different car types, you may also want to know different car models’ weights.

There are a lot of different car models on the market. We couldn’t include all of these in our list, so we wrote about the 25 most common car models on the market.

These car models’ weight can differ depending on the year model, engine type, and accessories installed in your car.

Car ModelYearsWeight(Kg)Weight(lbs)
Ford Mustang15-1917003700
Honda Accord94-9712952854
Honda Civic96-0011432519
Toyota Camry90-9412602770
Toyota Corolla201913012870
Dodge Charger06-1018874160
Jeep Cherokee87-0215233357
Jeep Grand Cherokee93-1523005100
Jeep Wrangler17-1817703900
Ford Explorer18-22154900
Mercedes Benz E-class16-1817233800
Honda CR-V18-15233358
Mercedes Benz C-class15-1815503417
Nissan Altima12-1814303153
Chevrolet Malibu15-1815263366
Chevrolet Silverado14-1822004800
Toyota Tundra00-0619003940
Cadillac Escalade02-0626005800
Chevrolet Tahoe92-0020004500
Toyota Highlander13-1820454508
Subaru Outback18-16503642
Mercedes Benz GLC-class15-1817903950
Ford Fusion13-1815543427
Toyota Tacoma95-0414513200

Different types of car weights

In the list above, we talk about the curb weight, which means that it’s the weight without driver, passenger, and cargo. This is the most common weight used. But if you are searching for different weights, you will find a lot of options.

Here are the most common different types of weight with a short explanation:

  • Curb Weight: The weight without the driver, passengers, or any cargo.
  • Gross Weight: The weight of a car with max cargo loaded and the driver and all passengers.
  • Gross Combined Weight: This is a unit for you have to consider if you have a trailer. The weight of both the trailer and car together.
  • Payload: The car’s weight, cargo, passengers (gross weight), + anything you tow behind the car.
  • Gross Weight Rating: The max total weight your car can handle with the driver, passengers, and cargo.
  • Gross Axle Weight: The weight load on each axle of your car.
  • Maximum Load Trailer Weight: Very similar to the gross combined rate. But this does also include the weight of a fully-loaded trailer.
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating: The maximum weight that one axle on your car can handle.

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Where can I find the exact weight of my car?

If we listed all existing car models in this article, the article would be an E-book because there are so many different car models and years.

How can I find my car weight if I can’t see it on the list you provided above? Well, there are several ways that you can find the exact weight of your car.

This is a much better method than checking the list above because the weight can differ significantly depending on the different equipment you have on your car model. Here are some easy tips on how to find the car weight.

1. VIN decoder

Vin Decoder

One great way to find your car’s exact weight is to use a Free VIN decoder online. This will give you the most information you need to know about your car.

You can find your VIN code in several places inside your car. For example, under the hood at a plate, inside the driver’s door, or in the trunk. You can often find your VIN in your repair manual also.

2. Check the car repair manual

If you have a car manual for your car, you will most likely find your car model’s exact weight. If you do not have a car manual for your car, you can sometimes find them online for small bucks. It’s always good to own one for other different purposes also.

3. Driver side door

There is a sticker with the VIN and different specifications on almost all car models. This sticker can often be found on the body of your car behind the driver’s door. Open your driver’s door and check for any label near the central locking bracket.

4. Call your manufacturer

If you have your license plate number or the VIN-number, you can call your authorized dealer and ask them if they could find any specifications on your specific car model.

5. Car scale

Of course, the best way to get your car’s exact weight is to scale it. There are several car scales out there. You can often find these at car junkyards and motor vehicle inspection places.

This is especially good if you installed many external accessories inside your car, like a sound system, for example.

Car Weight FAQ

How much does the average car weigh?

The average car weight is 4,094 pounds or 1857 kilograms, according to U.S. Environmental Environmental Protection Agency.

What is the lightest weight car?

Mitsubishi Mirage is the lightest new car you can buy in US in modern times. The weight of this small car is 2018 lbs or 917 kg. There are lighter cars also but not if you are looking for a new car ready for the road.

What is the heaviest car?

The Ford F450 Super Duty Crew Cab is the heaviest car you can buy if you are looking for a modern car in the US market. This Ford weight 8600 lbs or 3900 kg.

What is the average car weight in kg (kilogram)?

The average weight of a car in kg is 1857 kilograms. The average weight of a small car (e.g., Nissan Micra) in kg is 1200 kg and the average weight of a large car (e.g., Audi A8) in kg is 2000 kg.

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