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How Much Does a Car Weigh? – Average Car Weight

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Are you going to tow your car, but you have no idea of how much it weighs?

Or is this a question you have wonderered about?

Well, it’s actually pretty a good question because we are really don’t talk very often about the weight of different cars. That’s why we decided to write an article to provide some information and give you some examples.

In this article, you will learn the most average car weights per car type and car model.

How much does a car weigh?

The average weight of all cars is 3500 lbs / 1600 kg. Of course, this answer depends on which car model and type we are talking about.

The average weight of a small car (eg, Nissan Micra) is 1200kg/2600lbs while the average weight of a large car (eg, Audi A8) is 2000kg/4400lbs. We will first go through a list of car weights for different types of cars like small, large, trucks, or SUVs for example.

These weights are the average curb weights of different car types. If you want to learn a bit more about the different car weight specifications, you can find this lower down in the article.

Weight by Car Type:

Type Weight (Kg) Weight (Pounds)
Small Sized Cars(eg Nissan Micra): 1200 2600
Midsized Cars (eg Audi A4): 1600 3500
Large Sized Cars (eg Audi A8): 2000 4400
Small Trucks/SUV (eg Kia Soul): 1500 3300
Midsized Trucks/SUV's (eg Nissan Navara): 2400 5300
Large Truck or SUV's:(eg Chevrolet Tahoe): 3000 6600

Weight by Car Model:

So now that you know the weight of different car types, you may also want to know the weight of different car models. There are a lot of different car models on the market. So, We couldn’t include all of these in our list, so we wrote about the 25 most common car models on the market.

Car Model Years Weight(Kg) Weight(lbs)
Ford Mustang 15-19 1700 3700
Honda Accord 94-97 1295 2854
Honda Civic 96-00 1143 2519
Toyota Camry 90-94 1260 2770
Toyota Corolla 2019 1301 2870
Dodge Charger 06-10 1887 4160
Jeep Cherokee 87-02 1523 3357
Jeep Grand Cherokee 93-15 2300 5100
Jeep Wrangler 17-18 1770 3900
Ford Explorer 18- 2215 4900
Mercedes Benz E-class 16-18 1723 3800
Honda CR-V 18- 1523 3358
Mercedes Benz C-class 15-18 1550 3417
Nissan Altima 12-18 1430 3153
Chevrolet Malibu 15-18 1526 3366
Chevrolet Silverado 14-18 2200 4800
Toyota Tundra 00-06 1900 3940
Cadillac Escalade 02-06 2600 5800
Chevrolet Tahoe 92-00 2000 4500
Toyota Highlander 13-18 2045 4508
Subaru Outback 18- 1650 3642
Mercedes Benz GLC-class 15-18 1790 3950
Ford Fusion 13-18 1554 3427
Toyota Tacoma 95-04 1451 3200

Different types of car weights

In the list above, we are talking about the curb weight, which means that it’s the weight without driver, passenger, and cargo. This is the most common weight used. But if you are searching for different weights, you will find a lot of options. Here are the most common different types of weight with a short explanation:

  • Curb Weight: The weight without the driver, passengers, or any cargo.
  • Gross Weight: The weight of a car with max cargo loaded and with the driver and all passengers.
  • Gross Combined Weight: This is a unit for you have to consider if you have a trailer. The weight of both the trailer and car together.
  • Payload: The weight of the car, cargo, passengers (gross weight) + anything you tow behind the car.
  • Gross Weight Rating: The max total weight that your car can handle with the driver, passengers, and cargo.
  • Gross Axle Weight: The weight load on each axle of your car.
  • Maximum Load Trailer Weight: Very similar to the gross combined rate. But this does also include the weight of a fully loaded trailer.
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating: The maximum weight that one axle on your car can handle.

Where can I find the exact weight of my car?

If we listed all existing car models in this article, the article would be an E-book because there are so many different car models and years. So, how can I find my car weight if I can’t see it in the list that you provided above? Well, there are several ways that you can find the exact weight of your car.

This is a much better method than checking the list above because the weight can differ a lot depedning of different equipment you have on your car model. Here are some easy tips on how to find the car weight.

Check the car manual: If you have a car manual for your car, you will most likely find the exact weight of your car model. If you do not have a car manual for your car, you can sometimes find them online for small bucks. It’s always good to own one for different purposes also.

Driver side door: On almost all car models, there is a sticker with the chassis number and different specifications on your car. This sticker can often be found on the body of your car behind the driver’s door. Open your driver’s door and check for any label near the central locking bracket.

Call your manufacturer: If you have your license plate number or the VIN-number, you can call your authorized dealer and ask them if they could find any specifications on your specific car model.

Car scale: Of course, there are several car scales out there which you can measure the exact weight of your car. You can often find these at car junkyards and motor vehicle inspection places.


So I guess we have covered most things when it comes to car weights on different car types and models. If you have any other questions regarding the weight of the car, you are welcome to comment below, and I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. If you want more car information, you can use our search function to search through our database of different car related articles.

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