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Average Car Length – List of Car Lengths

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average car lengthThere are a lot of strange questions about cars that pop up into our heads.

This question is probably one of them. What is the average car length?

To get a better perspective of this, we have to check out some basic knowledge before answering this question correctly.

First, you will find a list of car lengths by some basic car models, and further down in the article, you will discover how you can get the exact car length for your specific car.

What is the Average Car Length?

The average car length is around 4500mm or 14,7 feet. For example, this is the length of a car in the mid-size class like Audi A4, which should give you a perspective of the length of any car models. Of course, some vehicles are both much more extended and much shorter.

We have included a small list of different car lengths by different size classes. You probably already have a clue of how large different car models are so that this list will give you a hint of the various car lengths. If you are not sure about different size classes, we have also included some examples in the list.

If we are looking at small cars lengths, they are often 3000-4300mm/10-14 feet while big trucks are 5000-6000mm/18-19 feet, so there are certainly big differences in the lengths of different cars.

Average Car Model Size Length

Size Class Model examples Length (Feet) Length (mm)
Mini Cars Suzuki Alto 10.5 3195
Small Car Kia Rio 13.8 4215
Mid-Sized Audi A4 14.8 4520
Full-Sized Audi A6 15.7 4800
Small SUV Ford Escape 14.4 4400
Large SUV Cadillac Escalade 16.7 5110
Small Pickup Nissan Navara 16.3 4981
Large Pickup Chevrolet Silverado 18.4 5614

So now that you got some basics of the length of a car by different car models, you may ask – How can I get the exact length of my car? Scroll further down, and I will tell you exactly how you can get the exact car model length of your car.

How to Find the Exact Car Length for My Car Model?

There are a few different ways to get the exact length for your car model. Some methods are more reliable than others, so read through all the steps and build your opinion and choose the method that sounds the most comfortable and most reliable to you. Here are a few ideas:

1. VIN Decoder

VIN DecoderThis is probably the easiest and most secure way to get the exact car length of your car. There are plenty of free VIN decoders out there on your web. To use a VIN decoder, you have to find the VIN of your car. You can find the VIN number on a few different locations in your car. If you have any documentation after the purchase of the car, you will most likely see the VIN number there. The VIN number is also stamped on your car in some different locations. One of the most common areas is on the body when you open the driver’s door.

Open the driver door and see if you can find a label. The VIN number is made up of 17 characters; a mixyure of numbers and characters. When you have found the VIN, you can use any free VIN decoder on the web. One of these is the AutoZone VIN Decoder.

2. Auto Online Shop

If you enter any auto online shop, you have the ability to enter your license plate number. When you are doing so, you will get a lot of information about different options to help you choose a car. Within this information, you can usually find different measurements like the length and the weight of the car. Remember that this information could be false if you want to know the exact length of your car. One example of an auto shop with knowledge is the CarID Automotive Store.

3. Ask Your Local Dealer

Your local dealer should definitly be able to find out the car length for your car with either the license number or the VIN number. Just make a call to your authorized dealer and be ready with both the license and VIN number and ask them if they can tell you the length. This is a cheap and a reliable way to find out the length.

4. Measure the Length

You never know if your car is equipped with any aftermarket parts like a front or rear bumper that changed the exact length of your car. So the best way is, of course, to manually measure the length of your vehicle. Just use a yardstick from the rear to the front bumper and put it underneath the car to measure the length.

What About the Weight of a Car?

As you could imagine, the same thing applies to the weights as the length. There is a big difference in the weight between all different car models. We have made a big list of a lot of different car models by weight in feet and mm, so I will not go through all these different car weights in this article. The same thing applies here though. If you want to find the exact car weight, you can use the various methods mentioned above by using the VIN or license number to get this information.

If you want to learn more about different car weights, you can find it here in our other article: How much does a car weigh?


You will probably agree that there is no average car length that you could use for information. There is a big difference in the length of different car models. If you are going to use the information, you will want to get the exact length for your car model by using any of the examples mentioned above.

If you have any unanswered car questions, you are welcome to leave a comment below, and I will answer your car questions as fast as possible. You can also check out our other car articles if you want to find more information.

Hello I'm Magnus, the owner and the writer of this website. I have been working with cars since I was 16 and I'm specialized with in-depth Automotive diagnostics. Also been driving drifting for the last 6 years. I'm here to give you answers to all your automotive questions and I hope that you enjoy our content.

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