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How to Reset Airbag Codes/Light – With or Without a Scanner

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Did your airbag light pop up on your dashboard, and you want to know how to reset it?

The engine and airbag lights are some of the dashboard lights you need to pay extra attention to if they light up, especially the airbag light due to its safety importance.

Airbags are designed so that they inflate whenever there is a collision, and when the light is on, this will not happen.

How do airbags work?

So before we start looking at how to reset the airbag light you should know how the whole function works.

Airbags are lifesavers when you are speeding and hit another car head-on or hit a stationary object. If you do not have an airbag, you could find yourself hitting your head really hard on the steering wheel or dashboard. When you hit something at high speed, your car will start to decelerate, and this will activate an accelerometer that triggers the airbag circuit.

The airbag circuit has a heating element that is activated through an electric current. This heating element promotes an explosion inside the airbag that rapidly generates a harmless gas. Most airbags use sodium azide as the explosive element, and the gas produced can either be argon or nitrogen. This gas floods the airbag and causes it to expand; hence, protecting the driver from injuries by occupying the steering wheel and the side. The airbag acts as a cushion.

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How to reset the airbag light with a scanner

Now that we know how airbags operate, it is time to learn how to reset the airbag light.
All work done to the airbag system should be made by professionals if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing!

Total Time: 1 hour

1. Check the airbag switch for passenger

Airbag Switch

Some cars have a “passenger seat Airbag on/off button.” This is the first thing you should check when you want to remove the airbag light. Maybe someone before you turned it to Off by a mistake that will make the airbag light stay on in most cars.
This button is usually located on the dashboard on the passenger side, and you may see it if you open the passenger door or the glove box.

3. Repair the fault

Repair Airbag Clockspring

You should never just reset the airbag light without repairing the problem. This can cause deployment of the airbags or non-functioning in case of an accident. Let a professional replace the airbag’s parts if you are not sure of how to do it. Remember always to remove the battery connection when working with airbags. The airbag light will often go away by itself after repairing the problem, but not in all car models.

4. Clear the trouble codes

Clear Trouble Codes

After you have installed the new parts and are 100% sure that the parts are installed correctly, it’s time to reset the engine light. To do this – you need to use an OBD2 scanner, and it’s not possible in another way. Reset the airbag light and make sure that it disappeared from the dashboard. If it is still there – reread the codes and check for any trouble codes.

How to reset airbag light without a Scanner

It is impossible in most car models to reset the airbag light without a scanner. This is for safety cautions because you should always repair the fault after the airbag light occurred. Luckily, in many car models, the airbag light will also go away by itself if you have repaired the problem.

In some older cars, though, it is possible to reset the airbag light without a scanner by removing the car battery terminals.

Check the wiring system underneath the driver or passenger seat for any loose wires or corrosion in the connector plug. Spray the connector plugs with an electronic cleaner and restart your car.

If you can not find any problems there, you should really get an OBD2 scanner or let a workshop read the codes; otherwise, you will just guess the problem out of the dark.

9 thoughts on “ How to Reset Airbag Codes/Light – With or Without a Scanner ”

  1. Just installed a horns and air bag lights comes on .how to clear it

  2. I have bought 2003 Toyota Highlander.
    The problem I have is concerned with the srs warning light which never comes on even when I turn the key to on position.
    There was an old problem with seat belts pretensioneers connection which was already solved and the srs ECU gives no codes now.
    The problem was that the pretentioneers plugs were disconnected by somebody and black protecting detailes were lost, so the srs module gave codes that there was short circuit in pretentioneers. I put a plastic streaps into the slots to isolate the shorting contacts and now the srs module get proper resistance of the pretensioneers.
    I checked the wire from srs module to instrument cluster: it is OK. The signal on this wire gets about 5V DC when I turn the key to on. But the diode on the pc board of the cluster does not come on.
    What do you suggest to check further to find the reason of the problem.
    I do not believe that it could be the burnt LED. All other lights come on when I put the key on.
    May be some smart guy made a trick to make the light dead instead of solving the problem with pretentioneers ?
    I have checked the instrument cluster itself and didn’t find any sign of specific action done.

  3. I have Ford fiesta that involves in accident there’s no passaer air there’s no other option to switch off the air bag light

  4. Is it possible to by pass an airbag light on my 2006 Citroën C2 Furio? I’ve fitted an aftermarket steering wheel and am Due an MOT in December, Please Help 🙂

    1. airbag light on my berlingo van 1.6hdi always on, also horn doesn,t work, what,s the most common reason for these faults, thanks. Don

  5. Looking for a scan to to rezero the seat calibration o occupancy sensor on my 2004 Suzuki XL-7 thanks.

  6. I hit a deer in a 2013 Hyundai veloster. Air bags did not deploy. After getting the car repaired the airbag light stays on. I am unsure if it is possible that the airbags should of deployed a had a fault or if it is acting up. I have a scanner for check engine light. Should I see what the code is and reset it?

  7. Hi have a Mercedes 1991 300 ce SRS light came on I bought a code reader 2/3/8 codes came up I cleared then the light went off for a while then came back on the car has been sitting for 7 months it was fine before that any clues

  8. Hello Magnus
    Before summer i had a problem on and off with SRS warning light passenger seat and wipers did not work.
    After stop and start engine fault was reset and eveything worked fine for a while but now it’s been constant fault for a few months. Changed both sam modules rear (fuse box and SAM rear) and also fuse box front without positive results.
    When i now turn on the car message says as follows SRS right front disturbanse.
    I can tell you that i had wiring problem in cables above tailgate hatch with a few broken wires but this is now repaired but it might be more problems but i couldn’t see any more broken wiring there.
    Reason why i found broken wires in the rear is because my tailgate would not close but only open but as i tell you i fixed this.
    I also cleaned seat belts connections and changed many relays and fuse boxes.
    Do you have any idea what the SRS and non working wipers problem can be solved?

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