Where Is The Best Place To Put Blind Spot Mirrors?

placement of blind spot mirrors

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to add blind spot mirrors to your vehicle. If you are worried about your on-road safety, you might prefer adding this aftermarket accessory.

In this guide, I look at the different types of blind spot mirrors you can choose from and show you some factors you should consider when buying a new set.

I also evaluate whether the blind spot mirrors actually work and if they are worth your money. In the end, I will briefly talk about the best way to adjust your side mirrors for blind spot visibility. 

Where to put blind spot mirrors?

In most cases, it makes sense to install the blind spot mirrors at the top, on the outer edge of the side mirrors. It should be angled to show the blind spot region. You can put blind spot mirrors on both side mirrors, especially if you perform a lot of lane changes on the highway. 

On some car models, you may want to place the blind spot mirrors on the underside of the outer edge of the side mirrors, depending on the design of the side mirrors. Try it on your car model to find out which spot you like best.

Types of Blind Spot Mirrors

1. Stick-On

The cheapest option is to get the stick-on blind spot mirrors. These are also the most commonly used on passenger vehicles.

To get them installed on the window, you simply take off the sticky backing. Apply pressure to adhere them to the mirror. 

2. Clip-On

With a clip-on mirror, you get many of the same features as the stick-on option. However, instead of sticking to the glass, there will be a clip attached.

The installation of this type is a little bit more complicated. However, the hold is more secure and you don’t have to worry as much about them falling off. 

3. Window-Mounted

The window-mounted mirror is placed on the exterior of the car. The biggest difference is that the mirror isn’t attached directly to the side mirrors at all. 

Instead, you are going to mount them to the window with the help of special hardware or suction cups. These are going to be more expensive, but give your vehicle a familiar look to the truckers on the road. 

4. Rearview Mirror

You can put a blind spot mirror inside of the vehicle, whereas everything else that’s been discussed is on the exterior. The rearview mirror is the option that goes in the cabin.

You install it on your rearview mirror for a unique angle of the road next to you. However, many people don’t like this option, as it can be slightly distracting. 

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Factors When Choosing Blind Spot Mirrors

1. Mirror Size

One of your most important factors has to be the size of the existing mirrors. You don’t want to choose a blind spot mirror that’s going to interfere with the vision you have from the factory mirrors.

On the other hand, you don’t want a mirror that’s too small. The small mirror is only going to give you a portion of what’s going on, which can still put you in danger. 

2. Mirror Shape

Once you figure out an appropriate size, it’s time to think about the shape. If you choose the wrong shape, you may not get the view you hope for.

Convex mirrors provide a nice wide view. On the other hand, the flat mirror is going to give you a smaller portion of the blind spot. 

3. Angle

The mirror angle helps you determine what part of the blind spot will be soon. If you get mirrors angled toward the driver, you can anticipate a better view because the standard mirrors aren’t getting this angle and the road.

However, if you put the mirrors angled away from the driver, you are going to see less of the blind spot. You must find the perfect balance between the standard mirror’s view with the blind spot mirror addition to gain a perfect combination. 

4. Positioning

I talked about the different mirrors in-depth up above. You want to choose the right type of mirror to ensure maximum visibility without sacrificing the view. 

If you put mirrors on the existing side mirrors, you are going to take away a chunk of the existing view. New mirrors attached to the exterior of the car give you much more visibility, but will cost more money.

5. Price

While discussing price, I understand that it’s important to stick to a budget. However, you don’t want to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. Buying cheap mirrors could leave you with more headaches than it’s worth.

The mirrors could fall off and you could lose your entire investment anyway. I recommend reading through customer reviews to see which brands and types are the best. 

6. Travel Setting

You need to choose the right combination of mirrors based on how you drive your vehicle. If you spend all of your commute on a two-lane highway, having a right-side blind spot mirror isn’t going to help you.

On the other hand, you want mirrors on both sides if you drive a busy highway every day. It’s also helpful to have two mirrors if you are navigating an urban area. 

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Do Blind Spot Mirrors Work?

If the blind spot mirror is used the right way, it could prevent an accident. What are you willing to pay to avoid colliding with a car next to you? If the price of the blind spot mirror falls into that category, then it’s absolutely worth the expense. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot to get a decent set, so you aren’t going to be out a lot of money. 

These mirrors are small, so many people don’t see the value. However, OEM mirrors don’t usually provide all of the visibility you need. While I believe in the value of the blind spot mirror, it’s only as good as the type you buy and how it gets placed. If you don’t install the mirror properly or you purchase the wrong one for your needs, it’s not going to increase the visibility at all. 

Achieve Proper Adjustment of Car Side Mirrors

You can see the blind spot from your car’s side mirrors alone. Here’s the best way to get the view you are looking for.

  1. Sit in the driver’s seat with the same posture you will when traveling.
  2. Look at the reflection in the side mirror.
  3. Move the mirror until you see the side of your car.
  4. Adjust the mirror until you see just a bit of it along with the road.
  5. Perform this process on the other side. 

Of course, if you don’t want to sacrifice road view for visibility in the blind spot, you can purchase the aftermarket mirrors to stick onto the glass. This way, you get both of the best worlds, a view of what’s happening on the road and what’s beside the car. 

Remember that all objects in the blind spot mirror are going to be closer than they appear, which is the same as the side view mirrors. You should always use additional caution when making lane changes or turning.

What is the best shape for a blind spot mirror?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the design of the side view mirrors of your car, as well as your individual driving habits. If your car’s side view mirrors have a round design, you may want to choose a round blind spot mirror.

Is there a blind spot on the left side of a car?

Yes. There is a blind spot on both sides of a car. To compensate for this blind spot, you should turn your head to look over your shoulder to see if it is safe to change lanes or turn into traffic. You can also use a blind spot mirror to prevent this.

Which side of the car has a bigger blind spot?

The largest blind spot is on the passenger side of the driver. For example, if you have a left-hand drive car, you will have a larger blind spot on the right side of the car, because you are further away from the window.

Which type of blind spot mirror is the best?

The best blind spot mirror is the one that gives you the widest view of your surroundings. Which one depends on your car model and the shape of your side mirrors. Try to match the shape of your side mirrors with the blind spot mirrors to get the best possible visibility.

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