Why Do People Put a Plastic Bag on a Car Mirror?

plastic bag on car mirror

When you look on the internet, you can find helpful hacks for every part of your life. On the other hand, there are also plenty of tips given that aren’t so helpful and are otherwise designed to be clickbait. So, where does the plastic bag on car mirrors come in? Why do people put a plastic bag on a car mirror?

In this guide, I answer your questions. I discuss advice that makes sense when it comes to using plastic bags, as well as hacks that are ridiculous. Additionally, I look at some other household products that would be helpful in the car. At the end of this article, I answer a few more of your top questions. 

Why Put a Plastic Bag on a Car Mirror?

The only logical reason to put a plastic bag on the car mirrors is to protect the glass from snow and ice. If bad weather is hitting your area, it’s best to park in the garage, but a plastic bag will work in a pinch. Any other suggestions are just clickbait misinformation. 

Ice can cause a lot of damage, especially to auto glass. If you are stuck parking outside, place some Ziploc bags over the mirrors to prevent the snow and ice from sticking. You can tie the bags on with string or a rubber band if you are worried about them blowing off in the wind. 

If your car mirror is broken or cracked, a plastic bag over the car mirror can also prevent water and moisture from entering and damaging the electronic components.

Do Plastic Bags on Mirrors Prevent Break-Ins?

One of the top suggestions online is to use Ziploc bags over the car mirrors to prevent a break-in from happening. Because people are very susceptible to believing what’s written on the internet, lots of drivers have tried it.

However, there’s no evidence that using plastic bags will stop someone from breaking into your vehicle. The thought is that the view will be obscured into your vehicle, and thieves won’t be able to see your valuables. My honest opinion is that this trick will draw more attention than less, making you a more likely target of theft. 

5 Household Objects to Keep in Your Car

1. Duct Tape

duct tape car fix

Is there anything that duct tape can’t do? It’s a miracle product for your home and your vehicle alike. If you face an emergency while driving, you’ll be happy to have some duct tape with you.

For example, if your bumper cover breaks free, duct tape can hold it securely until you get home. In fact, duct tape can be used to hold most anything together until you are able to fix it properly. 

2. Cooking Spray

You won’t be cooking in your car while you are driving, but oil is still useful. When the temperatures drop, you could use the cooking spray to prevent a frozen door.

Open the doors and spray all of the rubber seals along the edge before winter weather hits. With a good coat of this lubricating oil, snow won’t be able to stick to the seals, and you won’t be fighting with your car doors in the morning. 

3. Socks

It’s always helpful to keep socks in your car, especially if you plan to shovel out of deep snow. When your feet get wet, you can swap out your socks and get cozy again. 

However, socks have a bigger purpose than for simply being put on your feet. Consider placing socks over the wipers when in an upright position to prevent damage from a winter storm. You can also wrap the socks in a plastic bag for further protection. Use the string or rubber band trick mentioned above if you need to secure them further. Ice and snow won’t be able to accumulate on the wipers, and you will be able to clear the glass earlier in the morning. 

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4. Emergency/First Aid Kit

Not only should you have a first aid kit at home, but it’s best to create one for the car. You never know when someone is going to get hurt and you will have to provide minor medical attention.

Additionally, when you are traveling in winter weather, you want to have an emergency kit on hand. Your emergency kits should include road flares, a blanket and a cell phone charger. It’s also wise to have non-perishable food and bottled water in case you need to wait for help to arrive. Aside from this kit, keep your fuel tank full during the winter, just in case you need to run the heat while stuck on the side of the road. 

5. Kitty Litter

You probably aren’t taking your cat for a ride, nor would you have a reason to set up a kitty potty in your car, but there’s always a reason to keep some cat litter on hand. If you are dealing with snow or ice, kitty litter can get you out of a stuck situation.

Keep some cat litter in your trunk and sprinkle a bit in front of the stuck tires. The small pebbles act as gravel, giving you more traction to get out of the spot. You can go ahead and get a cheap bag of kitty litter; there’s no reason to spend more than necessary. Just make sure you buy the non-clumping type of litter, because it offers additional traction and it shouldn’t clog up the tire tread. 

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What Does a Plastic Bag on a Car Mirror Mean?

In most cases, the driver is simply trying to keep the glass from icing or accumulating snow during bad weather. However, some people tie bags over their mirrors because the car is abandoned or to prevent thieves from breaking in, both of which are encouraged online without any proof of being valuable. 

Why Do People Put a Plastic Bag Over Their Rear Windshield Wiper?

If you put a plastic sleeve or bag over your wipers, you can prevent ice and snow from accumulating during a storm. Winter weather can be harsh on the wiper material, causing it to break down prematurely. If you put a bag over it, you may also keep it upright in a vertical position to protect it further. 

What Does a White Towel on a Car Mean?

There are two reasons people put a white towel or t-shirt on the car. In some cases, it means that the owner broke down and has gone to find help. If there is someone with the car, it could also indicate that they are in trouble. If you are in a safe position, you may consider stopping to see if they need help. Otherwise, a call to emergency authorities might be in order. 

There are many hacks that are useful and will keep your car in its best condition during the winter months. By putting a plastic bag on a car mirror, you can prevent the ice and snow from harming the glass. 

However, there are also plenty of tips and tricks on the internet that are either a waste of time or could put you in danger. Before trying anything you read online, make sure you perform your own research. It’s important to follow your gut instinct. If something seems unusual, just avoid it until you know better.

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