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Best Car Forums to Join in 2019

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Car forums have helped millions of people through the years and that’s why we want to share some of the best forums in our opinion with you. Some of these forums are for specific car brands and other is general car forums. We will discuss a bit of what makes the specific forum good and what’s the forum is about.

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#1 Bimmerforums

Bimmersforums is a huge forum for all types of BMW cars. If you have a BMW model and looking for a good forum to get all your questions answered, the bimmerforums is the site you should go to. It does also have sections for the Mini cars and it does not matter if you have a BMW car from 1970 or 2018, there is a forum section for your car.

If you are interested in checking this forum out, you can find it on this link here: Bimmerforums

#2 Nissan Club

From the name “Nissan Club”, we can guess what this forum is about. The good thing about this forum is the popularity and the fact that it doesn’t matter if you have an old Nissan Almera or a newer sporty Nissan GTR. You will find help in all kinds of Nissan cars and the knowledge of the people on this forum are huge.

You can check out the Nissan Club Forum here: Nissan Club

#3 VWvortex

VWvortex is an old high authority forum for all kind of VW cars. The forum is huge and can be a bit hard to navigate through if you are new, but don’t worry, I’m sure that you will find the information you need and you will get help with your Volkswagen car. But this forum is not just about VW’s, you can also find boards of Audi, Skoda, Seats and even Lamborghinis if you need.

You can find the VWvortex forum board here: VWvortex

#4 Automotive Forums

Automotive Forums is a huge forum for all kind of cars. You will find information about all cars on the market and a lot of more information. The forum has died out a bit but the traffic is still going strong and you can get fast and accurate help.

You can find the Automotive Forums here: Automotive Forums

#5 Car Forums

Also, the Car forums website is like the automotive forums site, all kinds of different car models and the size of the forum is huge. You won’t find brand based sections of this forum, but you will find generic sections like “Asian” or “European” cars. Absolutely a car forum that I could recommend.

You can find the Car Forums website here: Car Forums


And now we are heading over to the last general car forum out of the three we mentioned here. This forum is also based on a bit more general car questions and is not that brand-focused when it comes to the boards. The activity of this forum has died out a bit, but hey, there is still a chance to wake it up again.

You can find the Car Forum section here: Car Forum

#7 Hybrid Cars Forums

From the name Hybrid Cars Forum, we can hear what the forum is about: Hybrid Cars. In this forum, you can find information of all different car brands that have hybrid engines in their vehicles. The activity right now on the forum is kinda low, but I’m sure it will grow bigger in the future because of the exploding of hybrid and electric cars.

You can find the Hybrid cars forums here: Hybrid Cars Forum

#8 Ford F150 Forum

Ford F150 Forum is a huge online community for all Ford F150 lovers. The car is really popular which means that the forum is really popular also. You will find all the information you need about your F150 car in this forum. The boards are well designed to cover all kind of car problems of your Ford F150 car.

You can find the Ford F150 Forum here: Ford F150 Forum

#9 Kia forums

Also, this is a brand focused forum: Kia of course. The KIA cars have exploded in the last years, and so do the forums about it. You can find information about all KIA models on this forum and the activity is really great, which means you will get answers to all your questions fast.

You can find the KIA forum here: Kia Forums

#10 Toyota Owners Club

Toyota is one of the most sold cars in the world. This means that there is a lot of available help to get about your Toyota car. A lot of this information is available through the Toyota Owners Club forum. The forum is huge and covers all types of Toyota models.

You can find the Toyota Owners Club forum here: Toyota Owners Club

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