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Best Car Forums to Join in 2020

In General by Magnus Sellén4 Comments

Car forums have helped millions of people over the years, so we’d like to share some of what we think are some of the best forums available. Some of these forums are for specific car brands and some are general car forums. We will discuss a little about what the specific forum does well and what the forum is about.

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#1 Bimmerforums

Bimmersforums is a huge forum for all kinds of BMW vehicles. If you have a BMW model and are looking for a good forum where all your questions are answered, then Bimmerforums is the right site for you. There are also sections for Minis, and it doesn’t matter if you have a BMW car from 1970 or from 2018; there is a forum section for your car.

If you are interested in checking this forum out, you can find it on this link here: Bimmerforums

#2 Nissan Club

From the name “Nissan Club” we can guess what this forum is about. The good thing about this forum is its popularity and the fact that it doesn’t matter if you have an old Nissan Almera or a newer sporty Nissan GTR. You will find help with all kinds of Nissan cars and the knowledge of the people in this forum is huge.

You can check out the Nissan Club Forum here: Nissan Club

#3 VWVortex

VWVortex is an old forum of high authority for all kinds of VW cars. The forum is huge and can be a bit difficult to navigate if you are new, but don’t worry, I am sure you will find the information you need and you will get help with your Volkswagen car. But this forum is not only about VWs; you can also find boards from Audi, Skoda, Seats and even Lamborghinis if you need them.

You can find the VWVortex forum board here: VWVortex

#4 Automotive Forums

Automotive Forums is a huge forum for all kinds of cars. Here you will find information about all cars on the market and much more. The forum has died out a bit, but the traffic is still heavy and you can get fast and accurate help.

You can find the Automotive Forums here: Automotive Forums

#5 Car Forums

The Car Forums website is like the Automotive Forums website: all kinds of different car models are discussed here, and the size of the forum is huge. You will not find any brand-related sections of this forum, but you will find general sections like “Asian” or “European” cars. In any case, a car forum that I can recommend.

You can find the Car Forums website here: Car Forums


And now we come to the last general car forum of the three mentioned here. This forum is also based on more general car questions and is not so brand-oriented when it comes to the boards. The activity of this forum is a bit dormant, but hey, there is still a chance to wake it up again.

You can find the Car Forum section here: Car Forum

#7 Hybrid Cars Forums

From the name Hybrid Car Forums, we can tell what this forum is all about: hybrid cars. In this forum, you will find information about all the different car brands that have hybrid engines in their vehicles. At the moment the activity on the forum is rather low, but I am sure it will increase in the future due to the exploding number of hybrid and electric cars.

You can find the Hybrid cars forums here: Hybrid Cars Forum

#8 Ford F150 Forum

The Ford F150 Forum is a huge online community for all Ford F150 enthusiasts. The car is very popular, which means that the forum is also very popular. In this forum, you will find all the information you need about your F150 car. The forums are designed to cover all types of car problems with your Ford F150 car.

You can find the Ford F150 Forum here: Ford F150 Forum

#9 Kia forums

This is also a brand-oriented forum: Kia, of course. Kia cars have exploded in recent years, and the same goes for the forums about them. You can find information about all Kia models in this forum, and the activity is really great, which means that you will get quick answers to all your questions.

You can find the KIA forum here: Kia Forums

#10 Toyota Owners Club

Toyota is one of the best-selling car brands in the world. This means that there is a lot of help available to get your Toyota car under control. Much of this information is available through the forum of the Toyota Owners Club. The forum is huge and covers all types of Toyota models.

You can find the Toyota Owners Club forum here: Toyota Owners Club

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  1. Thanks Magnus! Your list really contains some of the amazing car forums that one can follow. Being a Car & Bike Passionate I was in search of such forums where I can post my queries and get some expert opinions fro my problems. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hi, i have a mazda bt50 2010 3.0 turbo diesel 4×4 dual cab.
    On a bumpy road it will go into limp mode, air con drops out, engine light comes on and overdrive stops.
    If i turn the car off, it all resets and it is fine until the next bump in the road, it will even happen on a rough bitumen road.

  3. I think you missed the most professional forum in the world which is

    Anyone can visit and know if that is true or not…

  4. Hae am a mechanic,searching consultation, i have Toyota spacio 2001, when you brake slowed & start picking, the car jerks what could be the problems with transmision, to make it worse, does not change to gear 4&5.Thnx

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