Average Brake Rotor Replacement Cost (Front & Rear)

The brake discs need to be replaced on all cars from time to time. But how much does it cost and is there anything else you need to know? Let's find out!

Average Brake Rotor Replacement Cost

The average brake rotor replacement cost is between $200 and $600, depending on the car model and labor costs. The average price for parts is $150 to $400 and the average labor cost is $50 to $200

  • It is recommended to replace other parts at the same time as the brake rotors, like the brake pads, for example.
  • The replacement cost of brake rotors differs between the front or rear axle.

Average Brake Rotor Replacement Cost

Front Brake RotorsLow: $200Average: $400High: $600
Rear Brake RotorsLow: $150Average: $300High: $500

Brake Rotor Replacement Cost by Car Model

These are the average brake rotor replacement cost by car model and year model. Different car models have different brakes by different engine types. The price can differ depending on your engine type and year model.

Car ModelRear Rotors (If Equipped)Front RotorsAll Rotors
Ford F-150$400$500$900
Honda CR-V$300$400$700
Chevrolet Silverado$400$550$950
Ram 1500/2500/3500$350$600$950
Toyota RAV4$300$400$700
Toyota Camry$300$450$500

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Parts Needed for a Brake Rotor replacement

Part NameRequired?All Models?Where?
Brake RotorsYesYesBoth
Brake PadsPreferedYesBoth
New Gliding PlatesPreferedNoBoth
Copper or Silver PastePreferedYesBoth
Parking Brake ShoesOptionalNoRear
Parking Brake Springs KitOptionalNoRear
Parking Brake CablesOptionalNoRear
Brake Caliper Renovation kitOptionalYesBoth

Repairs commonly related to Brake Rotor replacement

Replacement TypePrice Range
Brake Pads Replacement Cost$100 – $150
Parking Brake shoe Replacement Cost$100 – $300
Parking Brake Cables Replacement Cost$100 to $250
Brake Caliper Replacement Cost$150 to $400

A Mechanic’s Tips about Brake Rotor replacement

  • Always replace the brake pads at the same time as brake rotor replacement.
  • Ensure that the brake caliper gliding pins, brake caliper piston, and brake pads are moving freely when you are putting everything together.
  • If you are replacing the rear brake rotors, the parking brake shoes sometimes use the brake disc’s inner side as a friction area. If this is the case with your car model, you want to consider replacing the parking brake shoes simultaneously.
  • If replacing the rear brake rotors – always make sure that the parking brake cables are moving freely.
  • Some brake rotor replacement requires new gliding pins, e-brake parts so make sure you count on all these parts when calculating the brake rotor replacement cost.

What is a Brake Rotor?

A brake rotor is one of the most important parts of your brakes in the car. The brake caliper pushes the brake pads towards the brake rotor. This creates high friction, which then, in return, helps you stop your car fast and safely.

How serious is a Brake Rotor failure?

Brake rotor failures should be taken very seriously. With a failed brake rotor, you may lose all brakes on your car, and it may cause a serious accident and maybe even death. Replace the brake discs if they are bad, and do never take any risks regarding the brakes.

How often do Brake Rotors need replacement?

The timeframe of brake rotors replacement depends heavily on your car model and your driving type. In most car models, it is recommended to replace the brake discs with brake pads replacements. But if you drive aggressively, you might need to replace the brake rotors every time you replace the brake pads.

How do you know if you have a bad or worn Brake Rotor?

The most common symptoms of bad brake rotors are squealing noises, shaking steering wheel when braking, and less effective brakes. Learn more about the symptoms here: Symptoms of bad brake rotors.

OBD codes associated with a Brake Rotor replacement

5F12: DSC Brake pad wear – front axle
5F15 DSC Brake pad wear – rear axle

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