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5 Causes of Steering Wheel Shakes While Driving

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So your steering wheel shakes while you are driving your car?

This is actually a very common problem that a lot of people just ignore.

It is actually a terrible idea to ignore this problem because it can wear out other suspension parts fast, which will result in even higher repair costs.

6 Causes of Steering Wheel Vibration or Shaking

A few things can have happened to your car when you experience a shaking steering wheel. Here are the 5 most common causes of steering wheel shakes.

1. Front Tires

Damaged Tire

The most common cause of a shaking steering wheel while driving is, without a doubt, a damaged or unbalanced tire.

After installing a tire on the rim – you balance it with weights to make sure that it is perfectly balanced.

These weights could come loose after a while and cause a shaking steering wheel if the front tires lost the weights.

It can also be caused by damage to your tire. Inspect the front tires for any damages and if you can’t find any – let a tire shop balance them for you.

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This is the most common cause for both low speeds and high speeds. If it shakes at low speed though, it is more likely a damage to your tire.

2. Rim or Wheel hub

Damaged Rim

Another widespread cause is a damaged rim if you have been in a small accident or are often driving on bumpy roads.

Small damages can be repaired on the rim, but you will maybe have to replace the whole rim if it is major damage.

3. Brake Rotors

Damaged Brake Rotors

If your brake rotors got rusty and worn out, there is a big chance that the brake rotors are the cause of your shaking steering wheel, especially if you overheated the brake rotors at any time.

This can easily be checked by slightly press the brake pedal at higher speeds – if the problem gets worse, it is a big chance that the brake rotors are your problem.

4. Wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

A faulty wheel alignment can actually cause the tires to steer in different directions and therefore starts to bump around and create a shaking steering wheel.

This can especially happen if you also have other worn out suspension parts at the same time.

5. Control arm bushings

Car Control Arm E1609785652938

The control arm bushings hold the tires in a fixed position to make sure they won’t start wobble at higher speeds.

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This can happen especially while you are braking the car if these bushings are worn out.

6. Tie rod ends

Tie Rod End E1609864164544

The inner and outer tie rod is also holding the wheel in position while driving at higher speeds. It is pretty common that these rods get worn out and will not hold the tires at a fixed position.

It is not very common, but if you have tried everything else, there is a chance that you should check the tie rod ends.

2 Causes of Steering wheel shakes while braking

Another problem can occur, and that is when the steering wheel shakes only while braking your car. Here are the 2 common reasons for this.

1. Front Brake Rotors

The most common cause of a shaking steering wheel while braking is, without doubt, the front brake rotors.

This is especially likely if you by any time overheated your brake rotors or if they are very rusty after standing for a long time.

Unbalanced brake rotors happen to many new cars and are a rising problem on cars like BMW & Audi.

2. Control arm bushings

If you replaced the front brake rotors and the problem still exists, there is most likely a problem with your front suspension parts like the control arm bushings or a worn-out tie rod.

9 thoughts on “ 5 Causes of Steering Wheel Shakes While Driving ”

  1. I have Mercedes E300 2012 steering is is shaking and knocking sound when turning right and left while the car stop otherwise when I’m driving the car nothing happened. I already changed steering box then the knocking sound disappeared but still it is shaking when turning right and left only while the car is the way after changing the steering box the steering wheel become little harder while turning right and left. Please advice if you have any previous same story.

  2. I have a 2012 Dodge Journey RT AWD. The wheel often shakes after accelerating or going up or down hill. I feel vibration also through the seat of my car. The drive shaft has been replaced, wheels checked and balanced and it’s been aligned. I had the same problem with my winter wheels on. I’ve been back and forth to the garage and not getting anywhere. Hope you have so e advice that might help? Thanks, Steve

  3. 2014 RWD Auto BMW, felt steering wheel vibration when accelerating during coasting from rpm 1200-1400 most prominent in high gears between speed 60-80kmh. Its always the range of 1200-1400rpm. Had replaced propeller shaft guibo and center bearing. Still the same.

  4. Hello, I have a E350 2010 Mercedes. Recently i had my left wheel damaged due to a hole which resulted in a minor deformation. I went and fixed the wheel and put back the tire. Additionally i had to change the suspension on the same side of the damaged wheel. After that i started getting vibration and shaking in my steering wheel, so checked wheels (with the tires on) and the needed re-balancing by adding weights with the hope to stop my steering wheel from shaking. Unfortunately the steering wheel is still shaking around 55 to 80 Km/h.
    Could you please advise me on what can i do to fix the problem?
    ps: no shaking while braking, no shaking above 80km/h, no shaking while neutral on downhill, not going left or right by it self.
    Thank you
    Best regards

  5. Hi I have an iveco van mwb I’ve got a shaking in the steering wheel at all speeds,I’ve had new tyres changed rear wheels to front had new wishbones both sides new discs and pads and it’s still there could ut be the inner joint on the steering rack?

  6. Hi i have Toyota yaris 2008 Le and the car shakes when start moving after it stops,like after 40km stops shaking, and also shakes when i brake at low speeds, I replace so many times the rotors and the pads and nothing change ,any help thanks.

  7. Honda awd steering wheel shakes at speed of 55 or more then stops after after several miles. Also after shaking stops and speed lower will shake for 5 miles with the reduced speed. Then drives fine at any speed.

  8. I have a 2017 Nissan Sentra and the bottom of my steering wheel vibrates in park and feels loose, I can even hear a small vibration coming from the bottom of it in park just by tapping on it and it seems to only happen when the steering wheel is straight

  9. I am having nissan sunny 1998 model,my steering wheel is shaking sometimes at 100km/hr,I check balancing,alignment,tie rod,engine mounting etc
    But still cant find the solution

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