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4 Reasons Why you should Replace your Cabin Air filter in time

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cabin filter

The cabin filter is probably the most forgotten filter inside your car when it comes to car service and many people do not know much about it. In this guide, you will learn why you should replace it and when it’s time to do it. You will also get a hint of where the cabin filter is located.

I work as a car technician and I have seen what happens if I do not replace the cabin filter and I will share my experience in this post.


What is the function of the cabin air filter?

Your car is taking the air from the outside of the car to blow into the cabin and directly towards you. As you may understand, there are a lot of dangerous particles and dust from the roads and because of this, we need a filter that will take away these particles and the dust from the road. This is the function of the cabin filter, it will clean the air before the fan is blowing it on you to prevent dust and particles inside the car cabin.

4 Reasons why you should replace your cabin air filter

There are many reasons why you should replace your cabin filter often. The cabin filter is an important part of the air conditioner to make it work properly and here are the four most common reasons why you should replace it in time.

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bad smellPrevent Bad smell inside the car

If you do not replace your cabin filter, it will collect dust, water and other dangerous particles from the road. Old cabin filters can make a bad smell inside the car when you are starting your fans. If you do experience bad smell inside your car from the air condition, it’s most likely time to replace your cabin filter.


Prevent condensation on the inside of the windows

The cabin filter will catch a lot of water inside the filter, depending on what car you have. Some cars collect more water and some other collects less. However, every car’s cabin filter will collect some amount of water and make the filter wet. Then, when you are turning the fan on, you can get a lot of condensation on the inside of the windows which may make it harder to see out and may be a problem in colder countries which will get you frozen windows on the inside on the winter.


Keep the value of the car

A lot of people are looking at the service history of a car before they purchase it. If they find out that the cabin filter has never been replaced, they may think that the car maintenance is bad and either want a cheaper price or maybe not even buy the car. This is also a thing that the car auto dealers are looking for when they are checking your car before purchase. Always write down in the service history whenever your cabin filter is replaced.


Keep the AC system working properly

Water and dust from an old and bad cabin filter can create condensation inside the air condition system and may damage electrical motors and other parts inside it. By replacing the cabin filter often you can prevent this from happening and you will probably save a lot of money in the long run. Replacing the cabin filter is probably cheaper than replacing the electric motors.

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When should you replace the cabin air filter?

To know when you should replace the cabin filter, you have to check in the manufacturer repair manual or call your authorized dealer to get the correct information for your car. My recommendation is to replace the filter every year or every service you are doing to the car. Many car manufacturers like Volkswagen, BMW and Audi do have 3000kms or 24 months between the cabin filter replacement. To keep your cabin filter and car in the best shape, I do recommend to replace it once a year at least. The most cabin filters are pretty cheap and easy to replace.


Where is my cabin filter located?

The location of the cabin filter depends a lot on what car you have. In general, it’s located near the climate fan of your car. Some cars have it under the front windshield cover and some under the dashboard. In many cars, you have to remove the glove box to reach the filter. Many filters manufacture will give you instructions of where the filter is located on your car when you are buying the filter.

Generally, on a lot of Asian cars, the filter is fitted behind the glove box and in some cases, you have to remove it to replace the cabin filter.


What happens if I do not replace the cabin air filter?

If you do not replace the cabin filter, you will get the symptoms mentioned before. You can experience bad smell and condensation on the inside of the windows. Your car’s worth may go down and you can even damage parts inside of the air condition system.


How much does it cost to replace the cabin air filter?

The cost of replacing the cabin air filter is often quite cheap. The filter price is often between 10-30$ and it is in the most cases done in maximum 30 minutes to replace it. If you want to find a cabin air filter for your car you can check them out on Amazon. Check this link and choose your vehicle to find a filter for the best price for your car: Cabin air filters on Amazon

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My recommendation is to replace the cabin filter at least once a year.

The cabin filter is often fitted near the climate fan inside the car. Behind the glove box, under the front windshield cover and under the dashboard are common places where it’s located.

If you do not replace the filter, you may experience condensation and bad smell from your car’s climate system. If you experience one of these symptoms, replace the filter.

Cabin filters are often cheap and in the most cases easy to replace.

If you have any other questions about cabin filters or want to add something to this article, comment down below and I will answer you as fast as possible. If you have any other car questions you are welcome to ask them at our homepage.

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