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How long do Spark Plugs last?

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spark plug life timeThe spark plugs are one of the most important parts of your engine. A bad spark plug can cause serious damages to your engine and it may give you a poor fuel economy. It is really important to keep your spark plugs in shape and replace them within the recommended times.


In this article, you will learn when you should replace your spark plugs.


Find what spark plugs you have

First, you should check what spark plugs you have. There are several types of different spark plugs on the market and to figure out when you should replace your spark plugs, you have to find which model you have. There are 3 main different spark plug type to be aware of. The first, most common is the Regular Spark plug which has the shortest lifetime and it’s the cheapest spark plug. Some newer models with a longer lifetime are the platinum and iridium spark plugs. Platinum and iridium spark plugs are often better in the most ways, they have stronger spark and a longer lifetime, but are often more expensive than a regular spark plug.

To recognize what spark plug you have, you can check the tip of the spark plug in the picture above. Regular spark plugs have a wider tip when an iridium or platinum spark plug does have a smaller tip. In the picture down below, you will see a platinum or iridium plug and a regular in the picture above. You can also check the part numbers on your spark plugs and search for information to find out what type you have. The best way is always to call your authorized dealer.

Installing wrong/too long spark plugs can cause serious damages to your engine. Always double check and get the right model for your engine.

platinum spark plug


When should I replace my spark plugs?


TypeYearsLengthAmazon Price
Regular4 years60.000 km/37.000 milesCheck Price
Iridium6 years90.000 km/56.000 milesCheck Price
Platinum6 years90.000 km/56.000 milesCheck Price


In the table above, you will find a general information on when you should replace your spark plugs depending on what types of spark plugs you have.

My recommendation is to always check in your Service Manual or call your authorized dealer to get the correct information of when to replace your spark plugs in your car model and engine. Car manufacturers do have a scheduled service for a spark plug replacement and it depends on the car model and engine. The list above is just a general list of what the most common replacement time is for the specified.

Spark plugs can get bad/worn out before the recommended time also. There are several symptoms you can check for if you suspect that your spark plugs are bad. Some of the most common symptoms you will find down below. You can also check out our other article Symptoms of bad spark plugs.


Symptoms of bad spark plugs


  • Misfires
  • Rough Idle
  • Rough/Low acceleration
  • Hard starting condition
  • Engine sounds different
  • Bangs from the exhaust pipe
  • Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon light


Do I only have to consider the regular or platinum when buying spark plugs?

No, you have to make sure the spark plug length and threads are the right for your car model. If you check the links above to Amazon, you can select your vehicle in the list above to make sure the spark plugs to fit your vehicle.

My recommendation is to always call your authorized dealer to get the right information of which spark plugs you should use.

Because the spark plugs are fitted in the combustion chamber where the piston goes in your engine, you have to be very careful to not install the wrong type of spark plugs. Too long spark plug threads can hit the pistons and damage them seriously and it would be a very high cost to fix your engine. So you can never be too careful when installing new spark plugs.



  • Regular spark plugs do not have the same lifetime as Platinum or Iridium spark plugs
  • Always double check to buy the right spark plugs for your car model and engine
  • Check the length of the plugs before installing your new plugs.
  • Spark plugs can get worn out before the recommended time, and can also run longer

If you have any other questions about car spark plugs or want to tell us your story of how long your spark plugs lasted, comment down below. If you have any other car questions you are welcome to ask them at our homepage.

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