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Jump Starter Meaning, Function & Benefits

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jump starter meaningA new tool that has come to stay on our market in the later years is the jump starter.

We get daily questions about what is a jump starter and what’s the function of it. What’s the meaning of a jump starter and how does it work?

In this article, you will get all your questions answered about jump starters and I’m sure that you will see the benefits of having this amazing tool instead of some old jumper cables, which can cause serious injuries to both you and your car.

Let’s head over to the jump starter meaning and function!


Jump Starter Meaning

A Jump Starter means and refers to a new tool on the market which you can jump start your car battery from dead to alive within seconds. Some years ago, we said that we should “jump start” the car with the jumper cables from another battery or car. Nowadays there is a compact power bank that can jump-start your car within seconds. That’s why it’s called a “jump starter”.

So, how do you use one of these tools?

It’s actually really simple. Just locate your car battery which is often located under the hood of the car, but sometimes it can be located in the trunk or under a seat. However, most cars have “jump starter” connections under the hood which you can access easily to jump-start your car without reaching the car battery.

Just connect the red (positive) cable from the jump starter to the positive cable on the car, often marked with a “+” sign and use the red colour. The black wire (Ground) you should either connect to a clean part on the engine or the body. The best way is to connect this to the negative terminal on the car battery, but it can be hard to reach sometimes. So, a space clean from paint or other dirt should do the job for the negative terminal.

Then you should read your manual of the jump starter. On some jump starter you can only start your car after the jump starter is connected, others you have to press a power button on the jump starter. Now if the jump starter is charged, and the actual problem is in the car’s battery, your car should start it immediately.


What is the function and benefits of a jump starter?

There are several benefits of using a jump starter instead of using the old technique of using jumper cables and jump start it from a car battery or another car. Here are the most noticeable benefits.

The size & easy access

tacklife jump starterThe first and probably best benefits of using a jump starter instead of the old “jumper cable” way, is the size of the jump starter and the access of using it. In older days, when your car battery was dead, you did either have to find a car battery charger and charge your car battery for a long time, or you had to find another car battery to replace it with. You could also find help from another person with a car, but it’s really time-consuming and there are several dangers of doing this, which I will talk about soon.

The size of the jump starters are often very small, and you can store it in the glovebox and use it directly when you need it. For the most jump starters, you do only have to charge them each 1-3 months to keep the power great inside them. This helps us with all the problems a dead car battery that we discussed before.

Spark Proof

The biggest danger of personal injuries when it comes to car batteries, are explosions when you are trying to jump-start or doing other work to your vehicle. The car battery contains dangerous gas, which could make you blind really fast if you get it in your eyes. If the car battery is leaking gas, and you create an ignition from spark when you are connecting the car battery, it may explode and cause serious injuries to you.

Because of this, the most newer jump starters are spark proof which is a really great function to have when you are connecting your car battery. Remember that it can, of course, cause a small spark anyways, but the chance is reduced a lot with a jump starter instead of jumper cables.

Wrong-polarity protection

A common problem when it comes to jumper cables is wrong polarity connection, which means that you are connecting the positive and negative terminal faulty. In most cases, if the car battery is drained when you are connecting them wrong, you can damage the most electronics in your car within seconds. This could be very expensive, due to the number of electronics in newer cars, and it’s most likely cheaper to buy a new car instead.

Overvoltage spike protection

Another great function, which is the overvoltage spike protection. Over-voltage spikes can damage electronics in your cars fast and you do not really want to get an overvoltage spike because it can damage a lot of control units in your car directly. So, this is one of the awesome functions of a jump starter.


Which jump starter should I get and where to find one?

The answer to this question is the normal common answer “It depends”. But it does really depend on what car model and size you have. For a large diesel engine, you need a larger jump starter which can give enough power to start it. If you are not sure about which jump starter you should get, I can really recommend you to check out our Best Jump Starters article where you will find both reviews about different jump starters and a buyer’s guide in the bottom of the article, to make your choice easier.

I hope you liked this article and learned something. Check out our other articles to get more information about cars.

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