Gasoline is highly flammable, and this requires environmentally sound disposal mechanisms.

Our world often revolves around gasoline. It is needed to power generators, cars and various agricultural machines such as tractors.

There are legal frameworks in place for the safe disposal of used gasoline, and you need to check with your district legal department for guidelines.

Unsafe disposal of gasoline can harm the environment and destroy the ecosystem.

How to dispose of old gasoline

1. Check usability of old gasoline

Depending on how long the gasoline has been left unused, you may want to know if you can mix it with new gasoline and use it. Dirty gasoline has a dark color and an acidic smell. If gasoline has not been used for many months, it is time to dispose of it. Find a government recommended disposal container and pour the contents into it.

There are cases where the old gasoline has lost its effectiveness; you can dilute it with new gasoline and use it to run some of your agricultural machinery.

2. Find safe disposal areas

In each area of the country, places are provided for the safe disposal of petrol and other hazardous substances. You should search online for the nearest location or call your city’s waste disposal office.

Most disposal centers charge a fee for this service. Prepare yourself with some cash. If you have a large amount of gasoline, it would be advisable to hire a private waste disposal company. You can find these services through a search engine. The private waste disposal companies will collect gasoline and take it to their centers for safe disposal. Private companies are more expensive than public companies.

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3. Community events

In some localities, the local council regularly organises events to inform the community about safe disposal. They also let citizens bring their old gasoline for safe disposal. Check with your local authority when the right day for disposing of gasoline is.

4. Contact auto repair shops

Car repair shops often deal with gasoline and you can contact them to dispose of your old gasoline. Most garages also have oil and brake fluids that they have to dispose of. Be friendly with them and they may offer you the service free of charge.

5. Gasoline container

You should avoid throwing away the old gasoline with your normal garbage, as it is highly flammable and can cause fires. It is also not recommended to discharge the gasoline into your water system as it may come into contact with water for domestic use. Most countries have introduced penalties for anyone who does not follow the procedure for safe disposal of gasoline.

Find a container approved for gasoline and pour your old gasoline into it. Most containers can hold up to 5 gallons. The container is sealed to prevent fuel spillage.

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Dealing with gasoline spills

You must be extremely careful when handling gasoline, as spilled gasoline can be dangerous if it comes into contact with a flame. If your clothes come into contact with gasoline, remove them immediately and wash them with soap and water. You can use baking soda solution to clean all areas where gasoline has been spilled. Wash your clothes until the smell of gasoline subsides.

Avoid smoking

You should never smoke or be near people who smoke when handling gasoline. A small spill can cause serious fires if it comes into contact with a cigarette. It is also dangerous to inhale some of the gasoline vapors. If this happens and you get dizzy, seek medical attention. If you accidentally swallow gasoline, drink milk immediately. Wash your eyes and hands with cold water and soap after handling petrol.

If after 15 minutes you notice that your hands have a burning sensation, seek medical attention. Make sure that old gasoline is out of reach of children. Children tend to be curious, and they can consume gasoline, assuming it is water.

How to reuse old gasoline

Not all old gasoline has to be disposed of. With a little filtering you can reuse your old gasoline. The first thing you need to do is pour the old gasoline into a funnel with a filter at the bottom. This will remove all impurities and deposits. Alternatively, you can use a clean cloth to filter out deposits.

The old gasoline can then be used to run your lawnmower. The old gasoline can still power an engine, but you may need to mix it with new gasoline. It is advisable to add some fuel additives when mixing the old gasoline with the new gasoline. This helps to break down undesirable substances in the old gasoline.

When disposing of the old gasoline, always make sure that the gas container is in an upright position. This prevents it from tipping over and spilling.


Old gasoline can be reused, but you must be careful how you handle it. It is highly flammable and you must avoid smoking when handling it. In every country there are legal guidelines to help with the disposal of old gasoline.

The first thing you need to do is determine whether the old gasoline is reusable. You can check the smell and the presence of harmful substances in it. A simple filtering process can remove contaminants, and you can then proceed to mix the old gasoline with the new. You can use the old gasoline to refill some of your agricultural equipment, such as your lawnmower.

If the old gasoline cannot be reused, you can dispose of it through nationally approved disposal centers. You can also ask your local fire station or auto repair shop to dispose of the old gasoline for you. Always ensure that you use the recommended containers for the safe disposal of gasoline.

Avoid pouring old gasoline into the sewerage system, as this can damage the environment. If you accidentally swallow petrol, drink milk immediately and consult a doctor if you continue to feel dizzy.