Buying a car is a big investment. First you have to find out how you want to finance the purchase.

You can buy a car with cash or find car loans. In the latter case, you will need to make an initial deposit, followed by monthly deposits on capital and interest. Your credit rating determines the interest rate that the car dealers use to sell the car to you.

The interest rate can make a big difference to the price you ultimately pay for the car.

Who issues 0% car loans?

Many car dealers lure buyers with 0% car loans. Many assume that this is a scam, but the loans are intended for people with perfect credit ratings. You might ask yourself, how does someone offer a 0% car loan? How does he make a profit?

Most 0% car loans are often offered by car manufacturers. Their business is to sell cars. The more units they sell, the more they produce. The car manufacturers finance the loan, and they work out an incentive program with the dealer for the number of cars sold. Banks rarely give 0% loans.

Car manufacturers will give 0% loans to clear their old stock. This is the reason why most loans are given to specific car models. The more they sell, the higher the profit. Since the loans are usually marketed aggressively, the dealer will see an increase in sales of other car models that do not necessarily have the 0% credit.

How to locate a 0% auto loan

Car dealers grant the majority of the 0% car loans through aggressive marketing. They will have them advertised on their websites. Since the loans are for specific car models, you need to look for a car that you like. Some websites offer aggregated 0% car loan providers. This makes it easier for you to find the ideal dealer.

Also, be careful about hidden fees, as some dealers may charge some fees in the fine print.

How do you qualify for the 0% car loans?

The first thing the dealer will look at is your credit rating. Most people who receive 0% car loans usually have a long, solid credit history with no defaults. It is impossible for people with bad credit to get this type of loan.

In most cases, people with a credit history of 700 or more are eligible for the 0% car loans. The higher the score, the better your chances of getting the loan. The above scales are based on a credit rating of 300 to 850, and most car manufacturers will take you to their showroom if your credit rating is good.

Do you like the car?

Most of the 0% car loans are for car models that the car dealer is trying to dispose of. You must first consider whether the car is right for you. It makes little sense to buy something you cannot afford or do not like. Remember that even with an interest rate of zero percent, you will still have to make monthly payments for the car. This should not be to the detriment of utility bills, otherwise there is a high probability that you will default.

The next question you should also ask yourself is whether the car dealer offers any incentives. These could include discounts. For a new car with 0% car credit, you have two options. First, you can pay the 0% car loan for certain months – usually 60 months – or get a cash discount of $1,000. You will need to use a calculator to find the best deal.

Terms of the loan

The fact that you are offered a 0% car loan does not necessarily mean that you should choose the offer. This type of loan is associated with long repayment periods of up to 36 months. This means that you will have higher monthly loan rates. If you can find a car loan that has longer repayment months, all the better: preferably 60 months. The loans are also limited to the type of car you should choose.

Cars depreciate

The biggest misconception among car owners is that their cars are assets. A car loses value. Therefore one should always avoid paying high-interest rates. By the time you have finished paying the car loan, the value of the car will have decreased by up to 30%. Before you go shopping for the 0% car loans, consider the loss in value of the car.

The decision to buy a new car is a delicate matter. It’s nice to own a new car, but in the first few years the loss in value is very large. In the case of a used car, however, someone must bear the loss in value on your behalf. You can buy a used car for almost half the price of a new car.

Negotiating terms

When you get a 0% car loan, make sure you negotiate everything. Find out what price other dealers are selling the car at. Start by negotiating the purchase price and then negotiate the loan terms.

When it comes to the actual signing of the contract, come with someone who knows about contracts. The 0% loan rate should be clearly defined in the contract, otherwise, you will be shocked to learn that you are buying the car at a higher interest rate.

Paying for the car in cash is the best option. It is difficult, but you can avoid the monthly payments and all the hidden costs. If the car dealer’s offer is too good to be true, you can opt for a loan from a credit union or bank. This may mean you have to pay more interest, but you will get a car model that you like.


Interest-free car loans are very attractive. But they are only granted for certain car models. The automakers finance the loans to clear their immovable assets. To qualify, you must have a perfect credit rating. Check the loan repayment months. Longer months mean you pay less per month, but you are tied to the loan longer. Shorter months mean higher payments, but you repay your loan faster.